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Christianity according to the Bible

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To see the earth as truly is, small and blue and beautiful in that eternal silence where it floats, is to see ourselves as riders on the earth together, brothers on that bright loveliness in the eternal cold, brothers who know now they are truly brothers.
Archibald Mac Leish

In pictures from space, we can see our world in one glance. By satellites, we can circle it for instant communication. On a shrinking planet we are bound together in a way that hardly needs theological emphasis: humankind is one family. But if we are truly brothers, and if we feel safe in that knowledge, then we can afford to be different. Indeed, our differences become increasingly important lest our identity be swallowed up.
Given the global oneness, our pluralism is not a liability but an asset. God may be one, but religions are many. They center their power where the culture is most distinct, places like Mecca, Rome, Jerusalem and so on. This page is an invitation to marvel at, to learn to respect each other and feel the strangeness and attraction of the great religions of the world.
Questions like:" Is Buddhism, which doesn't recognize God, really a Religion?" or" Are the Mormons Christians?" and so on are showing us that tolerance is not part of religious people when they do questions like that. Specially for Christians tolerance should be a flag, they should remember their beginning and why Jesus was killed.
Before to analyze the other religion of the world I will analyze the mainstreams of Christian faith.

Early in its history, Christianity developed autonomous regional church. At the beginning we could say there was the Christianity, the pure one. I am sure that Jesus named his church according to His name, but this is a personal opinion. I am sure anyway that the name of the Church was not Catholic or Coptic or orthodox, because in the scriptures there is not neither those words, those are unknown to the Bible.
After the pure Christianity we find after few century The Roman catholic church, the Coptic and the eastern Orthodox.
The first mayor schism occurred in the fifth century when the Copts broke away. After that the eastern Orthodox. When the reformation appeared was not just a church but dozens. The reformation spread seeds of further division across the Atlantic to America. Some of these are independent churches some families (the Methodist) and some organizations formed by recent mergers (The United Church of Christ)
All spring from a single source, the advent of Jesus, whose life and sacrifice and resurrection gave a creed to nearly a third of the people in the world.
Now we will go to explain the differences between the Christian churches.

This graphic is taken from "Great Religions of the world" edited by National Geographic Society, and unfortunately they consider lds, Jehova's wittness, christian science and probably other Protestants but these are not protestants. I hope they have presented correctly the doctrine of every church because I am just using this table to show what kind of unity of faith we have here.


April 9, 2000.jpg (476144 bytes)

Is this the fulfillment of Ephesians 4:11-12 ?

all the rabbinical confessions of Christ's time based their doctrines on the scriptures and who could refute the scriptures? Well Jesus demonstrated that their opinions were just human philosophies which interpreted the scriptures from their viewpoint. Christianity, like the rabbinical sects, maintains that the truth is found only in the scriptures and that their doctrines are only in the scriptures. Also Christianity, like the sects of the Christ's time, are divided in understanding the scriptures. How can we object a Protestant when he quote Paul for the grace's doctrine? In the same way how can we object who quote James for the opposite reason? Are they scriptures in the same way, right? How can we object a Jehovah's witness because they don't want to eat meat with its blood, believe or not is in the Bible. How can people object the lds people when they maintain that a book or story would come out in the last days, it is in the Bible! How can we object the Adventist regarding the 1844 prophecy? And so on and on.
It would seem that the scriptures contain the music to make happy every singer or better every believer.
But what is the original manuscript that the Lord wanted that it was played?
This is the key question. Who is the director of the orchestra that the Lord designated to play His own music?
If the answer is HIMSELF, I perfectly agree because who wrote the music he is the only one who perfectly knows how interpret, times and manners, spaces and modulations. Who, instead, receives the music can play the music according to his personal preference, in fact of every opera there are many different variations according to the director of the orchestra. With this premise I will go, one more time, to discuss the problem regarding who has the right to interpret the scriptures. It is no possible that every morning there is a guy that is asking to be listened regarding this and without showing his credentials, I mean if he received the copyright to do that He should show it in some way, right?
We could say that every leader of every Christian church demand to have this copyright but how it is possible to prove it? Is it enough their word? Well in this case every leader is in the same spot, same level. How it is possible in this case to verify the truth? Well in the earthly life it is enough to ask to the author if He gave the copyright to those people or not. Many people will say that in this case is not possible to do the same. Why not? In the same scriptures the most clear thing is that God has spoken to mankind from the very beginning, starting from the garden of Eden to finish in Revelation and the most easy thing to prove by the scriptures is the power and the safety of the prayer, Jesus taught, clearly that if you ask a bread you will not receive stone and so one and James made clear that if somebody is missing wisdom should ask God. I know that I am quoting scriptures here, but I am not trying to prove anything here but to invite you to ask God not to listen to myself.
When a Christian fear to pray God in the name of Jesus to ask questions, he has no faith and he is making God a deceiver.

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