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Home Scripture CRITICISM Are the Christians the followers of Christ?

Are the Christians the followers of Christ?

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Sorry I am just a little bit sarcastic here.

I am posting this because I am tired of the topic: Are the Mormons Christians?

The title of Christian is great and noble, no doubt on this, but I'd like to take a closer look at the history of the official Christianity. Before the Protestants came out we know from the official history about wars for religion (Crusades) cruelty (holy inquisition) blasphemy (indulgences) for that reason came up a new Christianity (The Protestants) and they looked good, specially at the beginning. They left their homeland (most of them from England) because they loved freedom and free agency. They came over here and step by step almost destroyed the primitive civilization. They were welcomed like pilgrims but later they took every palms of the ground, catholic in the south America and Protestants in north America. To do that there were wars. On my opinion like today the Americans want to protect their country and their liberty, the same people, I mean the red skins, had the same rights. It seems to me that Christians gave them no choice. I don't want to go further in this topic. I want to change just a little bit. From Africa the Christians (most of them Protestants) took slaves to work for them. By the way they were not racist, they were very good man of God, they didn't gave them the priesthood, only they took their freedom. Joseph Smith was fighting for their liberty and the Mormons are racist only because they didn't give them the priesthood but the Protestants were very good Christians right? my question here is those guys were good followers of Christ only because they were part of some Christians churches.What about the Governor Bogs who signed the extermination order in Missouri against the Mormons, I don't know if he was catholic or Protestant, for sure was not a "Mormon". He forget that the constitution of his land prescribed the religious  freedom, so in that particular case, not only he was not a good Christian, supposed to love his enemies, but neither a good governor because his order was against the constitution. I'd like to know what kind of religion was popular in Missouri at that particular time, surely Protestant and catholic,  surely no Mormons, Adventists or Jehowa's witnesses. Probably the same questions could be asked for the martyrdom, probably The Smith's were killed by good Christians believing to do a favor to God. Whatever is the case it is very hard to classified those persons, Governor Bogs included, like Christians.

Is that is the case I don't want to be called Christian.Surely the Mormons too have done mistakes,everybody does but to classify the Mormons not Christians only because they have different doctrines or beliefs it tells me that those persons have no tolerance, love and charity and this can't make them better than the people that they are judging.

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