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Following my hear

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My name is Christina Brooks & I live in central Florida. I needed to write to you and thank you for your wonderful website.My story begins about two weeks ago. While in a music chat room I began talking with a man about music & our conversation eventually led to religion.He suggested that I go checkout He told me to read over the basic beliefs and see what Ithought. Well I read them & couldn't stop there. I ended up reading thewhole site that night. When I had finished I requested the Book of Mormon &also asked to have someone bring it out to me. A few days later Elder Van &Elder Arnold were at my door with the book. I have two children, a 3yr oldand a 7 week old and felt it was time to start living my life a little morecloser to God for my children and for myself. There father is completelyagainst this I must add. He feels strongly that the Book of Mormon is false.Anyway, the first night I was through the first two books of Nephi. I prayedthat night with all my heart for God to let me know if this was right. Likeyou, I cried and felt this charge and I knew my answer had come. Thefollowing night my children's father & I had a heated argument about this.He was insisting that God was trying to tell me through him that this waswrong.SO again I prayed that night and asked for answers.Again my answercame. In some strange half stage of sleep I said these words"ye shall not betormented by things that are untrue". I was amazed to say the least! Icontinued reading & felt more strongly about it. Then two nights ago againwe had a very heated argument. He threw the book of mormon away & threatenedto leave if I continued with this. I must admit I was at a lose. I thendecided I would prove to him that it was not fake.The first things I foundwith the help of my friend from the music chat room did nothing, he wasstill against it. I had been looking all day when I found your website. Iread the whole part concerning the four pages of the bible & the Book ofMormon. Not to mention many of the other pages. I then came to thisconclusion.I refuse to let anyone stop me from getting closer to God. I knowin my heart that the Book of Mormon is true. If the father of my childrenwho I love dearly can not except this and wants to insists on leavingbecause of this then he must go ahead and do so because I will not stop.Yourstory of your experiences with God were very touching & again I want tothank you for these things that God helped me find and gave you the power toshare. Last night I had my first conversation with Massimo & when I went tobed my children's father woke up & asked me what I had been doing. I toldhim and he replied to me that I had his blessing to continue if this waswhat I really wanted to do.What was it that made him change his mind? I amnot sure. Maybe our heavenly father spoke to him or maybe it was what heread from Massimo's website. But I will not question it. I am just glad ithappened. I had been praying every night for God to help me with him. Onceagain he has. In these past two weeks I feel closer to God then I ever havebefore in my life. What a great feeling this is.Sincerely ,Christina BrooksToday is December 14, 2000 & very early this morning I had my firstconversation with Massimo. What a great man he is. Massimo told me lastnight to think if there was anything else I would like to put on this site &I couldn't figure out what else I wanted to put. That is until I read his"My Story" page. Where it is talking about his family & I read about his sonEnos. Then it came to me. As you read above I have a 7 week old son, he willbe 8 weeks tomorrow. That is his due date.I had a very complicated pregnancy& it was very possible that he would not make it. Two weeks before hisdelivery I was having contractions and was admitted to the Hospital. Iprayed while there for God to please help my son if he were born. Thecontractions stopped! The doctors let me go home. I stayed in bed & foundmyself praying every time I turned around. I had been sent home on medicineto prevent my contractions from returning & two days after my release Ifound myself in the worst pain I had ever felt. We rushed to the hospital. Ihonestly thought the medicine was causing me to have a heart attack & that Iwas going to die with my unborn child inside me. Again I was praying thewhole to this was happening. The doctors determined that this pain was mygallbladder & that they would have to do surgery. I was scared to death.Here I was 7 months pregnant & they were going to do surgery right besidewhere my child was growing. The last thing I remember before going intosurgery was asking God for help. I woke up two days later.My surgery wentfine, the pain was gone & most importantly my son was still inside me. Godhad worked his miracle again! They released me from the hospital on October19 & On October 21 I was back there again. This time I was havingcontractions and was to far along for the doctor to stop them. My baby wascoming!! We arrived at the hospital at 7am. Two hour and 5 minutes later myson was born. Through my whole delivery I said aloud over & over again "Godplease help him". He weighed 3 pounds 14 ounces and came out screaming :-).Everyone left my room and went the nursery because he was having difficultybreathing. While in my room alone I broke down and thanked God. I told him Iknow you will take care of him and make him healthy. And he did. 3 dayslater my son was breathing perfectly fine on his own and doing great. Onlyproblem he had after that was eating. He would not wake up long enough totake what he needed. Because of that reason he was in there 19 days.The dayI took him home the did a brain ultrasound to check for any brain bleedsthat are common in premature babies and can be deadly. They called 2 dayslater and told me he had one. My whole family was devastated & I was scared.But I told my family that God would take care of him. They repeated theultrasound & the bleed was still there. When I found out I again prayed whenI had finished I just knew he would be fine. Two days later they repeatedthe ultrasound once again. There was no trace of a bleed to be found. Godhad healed as I knew he would. MY CONCLUSION: No matter what you believe ordon't believe always believe in our heavenly father. He has worked manymiracles for me & my family. I believe as long as we continue to have ourfaith in him he always will. Never take him for granted, always praise himand never loose sight of what he wants us to do.If you have any questionabout what you have read or would just like to talk to me feel free toe-mail me anytime at


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