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Paula Arnts
Roberto Asioli
Edna Snow
Jairo Orozco
Dustin Palmer
Brother and Sister Kelley
Joann Robison Cernosek
Ron Cappelli
Gloria Peralta
Denise Marcy
Raymond Davis
Ossil V. Macavinta
Michael Weber
Janet Bennet
Sheri Green
Quitman ward
Grahame Leach's
Fabian Munoz

Giving your testimony is like help a blind person to cross the street

This page is dedicated to all who are in search of the truth as I was several years ago. Throughout my life I had investigated many churches and their associated doctrines. I found them all to be lacking the one thing that I was looking for --- the true Spirit of the Lord. Approximately six years ago I found that which I was seeking:

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I married a beautiful young woman who was a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I had absolutely no intention of joining "that church" which I had heard called a cult along with many other names. I had even been told that these "Mormons" had their own Bible and believed in plural marriage, plus the "fact" that they didn't believe in Jesus Christ.

My sweet wife tolerated my continual questions about the church until one day she told me that there were two young missionaries coming to dinner and I should ask them questions instead of her. The young men arrived with their Scriptures in-hand wearing suit and ties. I thought they were a little out of place but they didn't seem to notice. After The meal was blessed by one of these "Elders," they ate hungrily, as though it might be their last meal, finishing quickly.

We all sat together in the living room, I was feeling uneasy as if something was telling me to ask questions, I couldn't! It was as if my tongue was tied. This same thing happened several more times but these "Elders" were Patient. They knew that the Spirit was touching my heart each time they came. They also knew that it was just a matter of time until I would feel this too.

Just prior to the birth of our youngest daughter I relented and opened my heart to the calling of the Spirit. I became a member two weeks later. I have never felt the burning of the Spirit as I did on the day that I gave my heart to the Lord and joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I would urge all who are burdened with the weight of life on this earth to seek the Lord through this church. I know that this church is the true church of Jesus Christ as the name states. All who take upon themselves His name and live up to His standards shall be saved --- I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ --- AMEN.

Paula Arnts

I originally joined the church in 1979 just after the birth of my 2nd daughter. Unfortunately I was also newly divorced and found it very hard to spiritually grow alone with 2 babies to care for.  At that time, in my area, spiritually and gospel fellowshipping was very low and with no-one to talk to to help with my questions I began to stumble and then fell. I found myself outside after breaking sacred laws and was not strong enough nor had any encouragement to help me back in.
Finally, many years later, I remarried and moved to another state with 2 grown daughters and a new life. Finally with the love and support of many wonderful members and the greatest Bishop in the world, I ventured to come back. I had much struggle and loneliness as my husband was not a member at that time. 2 years after I was finally rebaptized, my father-in-law died and my husband began to ask many questions about after death. I immediately brought in the missionaries and an incredibly Christ-like Elders Quorum President Peter Jackson who spent many days with love, patience and true friendship to help teach my husband who was baptized a few months later.  We were sealed in the Sydney Australia Temple in November 1997 and
although there are still many struggles in life, we are devoted to the Truth and seek every opportunity to learn together, seek new ways of growing and trying to teach others. I have often said and will to the day I die, that our Prophet would leave the church before I do. Not boasting in my own strength which I know is weak and useless but in the love and strength that holds me from my beloved Lord and King.  I now fast one day per week, every week of every year to continue holding to that strength and to grow in every way I know how.  The most IMPORTANT thing I have learnt now is that we MUST, repeat
MUST help guide, strengthen and love converts so they too do NOT slip away. God has asked us to be a guide and strength and comfort to others and that is my mission today.   God bless and keep you Massimo in the wonderful work you do for His
Names sake.

Love always - your sister in the Truth
Paula Arnts

Michelle's conversion story

In the summer of 1995 I was having a hard time with life. I was just not dealing with
reality. I was on the brink of getting a divorce, drinking way too much, didn't have any friends etc.....I knew there had to be more to life than just this.  I remember my husband telling me he was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints when he was 18. That was all he ever said about it.  I saw a commercial on TV one day and it was about family and how there is more to I waited a day and called the number while Jim was at work.  I Told them to send me a copy of The Book of Mormon. Well, 3 months later a couple young guys came knocking at my door with white shirts and ties on. I
was in a bad mood that day and told Jim to answer the door, he did and they asked for me. Jim said to hold on then slammed the door in their face. I opened the door and invited them inside. Jim was know where to be found. We started chatting and Jim came out to see what was going on. He sat down and said, "Before we get started there is something I need to tell you." " I'm a member of the church but inactive and we need to do something about that."  I was impressed. We never really discussed religion before. I was raised Catholic and I didn't know much else. But I knew that I was ready for religion and I wanted something I could believe in, something that had the same values and morals that I trusted in. Well, Jim took some time off work to be with me as we invited these guys back to talk to us about our feelings about God and Jesus Christ. They shared information about the Bible and another book, The Book of Mormon, another testament of Jesus Christ and his teachings, and they asked me to read a few pages and see what I thought. To my surprise it answered quite a few questions I had. I started to really read the Bible and the Book of Mormon daily. They had a total of 6 discussions they presented me with. I was under no obligation to them in any way. They told me what they believed in, which was all found in the Bible. They told me they do not smoke, which was fine with me I never even tried smoking so that was no big deal. They told me no drinking, or coffee or tea. Coffee was no problem, I hated it anyway. Tea wasn't too hard to give up, but drinking was a problem. I was drinking hard liquor by this point and I thought it would be hard to just stop. But as soon as they told me it was wrong, I stopped that same day and I have not had a drop to drink sense. It took prayer and a sincere commitment to try to do the right thing. One of our big sayings is CTR or Choose the Right. That is all we as church members try to do. So, needless to say I was baptized into the Church within 2 weeks of meeting these wonderful missionaries who dedicate 2 years of their time to teaching the gospel to those who do not know it. I owe a lot to John Tober and Bobby Thompson. I owe a lot to all the wonderful friends I've made since I've joined the church. But most of all I am thankful for learning of Jesus Christ and knowing what I should be doing at this point in my life. I have direction now and hope for the future. We also believe families can be together forever, not just until death do you part. I am no longer wondering what happens to us when we die. I know that Jim and I will be together forever and that is all that counts. I have a strong testimony of this Church. I know that this is the true church, and that God lives and that Jesus Christ died for us. I could not ask for a better life. We may not have much money, or live in a big fancy house, or have decent cars, but we have the Gospel in our lives and we have each other, what more could one ask for.
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Roberto Asioli

It couldn't be said for certain that I was looking for a religion or any other thing that could give the essential answers. It seemed that I didn't need any it seemed, at least I believed until I met Elder Ryan and Elder Bolton, two missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. That evening, it seemed predestined for the meeting; they had already rang my door the day before,and I didn't open it-- who knows why...but at 8:30 p.m., which day I don't remember, of October 1981, I opened and have never benefited more in my life.
Their visit was brief, to the point, and I immediately understood the message that they had for me; it was as if someone up there or down there had pushed a button and I from that evening decided that I would become one of them.
How strange is life and how much can change when you meet the right people and I did: Jesus Christ. But not the suffering Christ, bent and wounded on the cross, an image deliberately created to falsify the truth (to me, that Christ always seemed to be a hunting trophy of Satan, like those that safari lovers stuff and hang on the wall) but a victorious and glorious Christ, full of hope.
That which truly hit me during the discussion was the message about modern day prophets and the Book of Mormon. It was wonderful to know that, today, we can have the secure guidance of God through His prophets. And to have in hand the Book of read and to learn so easily the truth of the Gospel. Knowing that Christ had other people in the ancient Americas that awaited him and knowing that, today, the Church of Jesus Christ has been restored with the fullness of truth, has been a great joy in my life. Everything the missionaries taught went smooth and hand in hand, always defining clearly the big picture, and finally I decided to be baptized the evening of November 17, 1981
I told it to Loretta, my wife, who had never been present during the discussions. She would always stay in the kitchen until the missionaries had gone. She took it badly, telling me that I was crazy and that my brain had been sucked out by those preachers. But I was determined to take my own road and I was baptized the evening of November 17, 1981, God is my witness. I remember the extended blessings on me during the discussions well: The two that stuck out the most were that my wife would soon accept the Gospel and that if I paid an honest tithing I would prosper. With time, both blessings became reality.
From that time, I have never doubted the inspired decision I made. I have accepted various callings in the Church: April 25, 1982, I was called, to my suprise, to lead the Rimini branch. In subsequent years I have held diverse callings and responsibilities that have confirmed and strengthened my faith and testimony and above all my love for my Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ.
I thank the missionaries that taught my wife and me: Elder William C. Ryan, that taught me personally and touched my heart, Elder Bolton, that had rung my door (after that first evening he was transferred to another city); Elder Mark Earl Waite, that extended me those formentioned, precious, blessings of God; Elder Gardner, that baptized me; Elder David B. Wirthlin, that taught my wife, and Elder Simonetti, that sustained me as a new member of the Church; and thanks be to many, many others....God bless them.
Of this I bear testimony, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Roberto Asioli


I was so touched by your conversion story that I could not contain my composure for a time. I am a 5th generation LDS and I had a very similar revelation from God proving His existence to me when I was a young girl. My family had suffered through a devastating fire that destroyed everything we owned as well as most of the town. There were a number of hardships resulting from the fire, including a serious (near fatal) lung infection to my sister, who had suffered through polio. My parents were very occupied trying to take care of all the resultant crises as well as finding us shelter to begin to piece together our lives. Each child in the family was alone emotionally and in shock.   I was 10 years old and so desperately afraid to go to sleep because of
recurrent nightmares. (The fire had begun in the middle of the night) I would pray more earnestly than I can possibly explain to my Heavenly Father and beseech him to save us from any more fire every night.  I usually would fall asleep from exhaustion kneeling in my prayer each night. During this time in my life, I really only had Jesus to rely on. He was the only One who gave me peace and calmed my heart. I learned then what it means to pray with all your heart and soul.  Three years later, I received a sure knowledge of HIS existence and I cannot convey the wonder of those moments or the sacred love that He portrayed. I can say that 39 years later, it is still the pivotal point of my life and the greatest of all my blessings combined. However, I have
never received that same sure knowledge of the truthfulness of the Church.  I have been praying for years to know with the same surety that the Church of Jesus Christ is the Church my Heavenly Father wants me to serve and worship Him in. Tonight I read your story and my heart filled with the Spirit answering my prayer - not with the Voice I heard so long ago, but my prayers were answered just as sure through the Holy Spirit showing me my heart's answer. I am so grateful to read your story and want you to know that you were an instrument of the Lord to my prayer.

Thank you, Edna Snow

Jairo Orozco

I been LDS for life, I grew up inside all the Gospel teachings, I learn to obey since I was a Sunbeam, I learn to love Jesus before I could read about him, so when people asks me about my conversion, I don’t have those amazing stories full of miracles, because miracles happened since my birth most of my blessings were received because I didn't’t question the requirements, but once I did, I put to the test everything I learned, I was not’t so sure to serve a full time mission, I had no testimony, at least not a strong one to show around every 5 minutes, I already had an University picked and a career chosen , for the first time I didn’t know what to do, so I knelt and I did it for days and nights until I found the answer. I found out that my conversion through all my life. Maybe it wasn’t that strong spiritual moment , no angels or visions came. I walked near to the Lord
All this time, and this I can refuse and even when I served in four missions and had struggled with 5 mission presidents, I found an extraordinary feeling about the true of this Church, and there is no way to ignore this, so I think and feel that my conversion stills developing day after day, and my testimony grows fairly to every test and experience I am submitted to. For all those who like me thinks that we don’t have a testimony look back to your life and see the biggest miracle, a complete life modeled in our Savior hands. We didn’t need
A vision or an angel, because sometimes we are those angels sent. I believe strongly in the love Jesus profess to all of us, I know this is His Church , I witnessed all His work in this latter days. Now I have a complete different career and new tests to confront, but I have more faith and trust in Jesus. I don’t know how to end this, because I know is not the end, but I can say this could be valid for all to say, but this is true, and is for all to see.
Jairo Orozco
Queretaro Stake

Dustin Palmer

I was born in the church and my family are all members and stuff like that. When growing up I would hear people bear their testimonies in church and so I would take their testimony and copy it into my mind. It wasn't my testimony! Well, the years went on and I just never was "On Fire" with the Gospel. I had done some pretty dumb things while growing up that I regret. I was in my 10th grade year in High School and it was there that I met my 2 best friends in the whole world. They were really
good influences on me from the start. Before them, I had some friends that weren't really "good" They were bad influences on me so... But my 2 friends had gone through the same things I had gone through while growing up.... doing drugs and all that other "worldly" garbage. They told me about repentance. I had heard about it before by going to church but I really didn't know what it was. They said they had repented and I could see their joy and my guilt which I still had and I wanted to have that joy. So one Sunday I had to give a talk in Sacrament meeting and well, I gave it on Repentance. My bishop was jokingly saying "have you ever repented" when I told him my topic was repentance and that just made me feel... weird. It was guilt! I
thought to myself... "No I haven't!" So I gave my talk that day in Sacrament meeting and after my talk I went up to my bishop and I told him that I needed to talk to him. He asked me "all right, what do you need to talk about?" I told him "repentance" He immediately set up an appointment right there for that same night! THE SAME NIGHT!! I was scared now, usually I thought it would be a while.. but that night!?! I was actually going to tell my bishop EVERYTHING! Well, I went into his office that night and came out a brand new kid it seemed. I REPENTED!!! The joy and peace I felt was like I had never before felt in my whole life. It was GREAT! My bishop said, pointing to an erased chalk board, "do you see that, that's what your slate looks like now" And that just, WOW! Hit me! That changed my whole life right there. If I hadn't of done that on that night, I would probably not be where I am today. I later got my Patriarchal Blessing, Temple Recommend and got myself worthy and am now preparing for a mission. I have literally been "ON FIRE" with the Gospel ever since. I was also called to be the 1st assistant in the Priests Quorum soon after and that helped me so much. Well, now it was time to get my OWN testimony. I challenged myself to read the Book of Mormon and take Moroni's promise into my life. I DID IT! And the night I prayed for the truth and my testimony, I felt the spirit so strong that I could and never will deny the POWER of the Holy Ghost that I felt. I loved reading the Book of Mormon so much that I read it again... only in 1 month this time! I now know for myself that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the ONLY true church upon this earth. I know that Joseph Smith was the prophet and
translator of the Book of Mormon. I know for a surety and without a shadow of a doubt that the Book of Mormon is true. I know that Gordon B. Hinckley is the prophet, seer, and revelator of today. I KNOW that God lives and that Jesus IS the Christ and that He came to earth to die for our sins. I am so thankful for these knowledges in my life, for my own testimony. I am also thankful to my 2 best friends who helped me get to where I am today. "HOLD TO THE ROD.... Hold tight, knuckle
white" I pray that whoever may read this will (if they don't already) get a testimony of their own and truly repent. I know that it is real and it will bring you the most joy in the world. I love this Gospel with every inch of my soul. I say these things humbly in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Brother and Sister Kelley

Don and I were converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ almost 18 years ago. We were on our way to his mother's birthday
party when a missionary couple knocked on our back door. We asked them to come back and they did a week or so later.

I knew right away that the Gospel was true and that I needed to change some things in my life. I smoked and drank coffee as if there was no tomorrow. Don had already quit smoking before the missionaries entered our lives. After about three or four lessons, I asked them not to come back for awhile. I was having a terrible time, because I knew that what they were teaching was true and I knew I was going to have to make a commitment which I wasn't quite ready to make as of yet.

They challenged us to read the Book of Mormon and, being a prolific reader, I had it read (but not digested) in less than a week. Then I really knew I had better made a decision quick. The missionaries were invited back and Don, myself and our daughter were baptized in December 1980.

Our testimonies have been strengthened in so many ways through this living Gospel. We are committed to the Gospel in our life here on this earth and in the eternities. We have worked on Family History since 1980 and have collected over 17,000 family members, most of whom we knew nothing about. We have been busy over the past 18 years getting these dear people baptized and into the Church so they may be blessed as we have been. We look forward to meeting each of them and being with them again.

We were able to see our dear Prophet this last weekend in Chicago. He told us to, "Be not faithless, but believing." We believe that we are entitled to all the blessings which we read about in the Bible and in the Book of Mormon.

May God bless you for your tremendous efforts to reach our dear brothers and sisters who are also searching for the truth. Our love to you and your family.

Brother and Sister Kelley

Joann Robison Cernosek

Around the first part of June,1969, I was living in Dallas, Texas(I was 34 years of age at the time), with my 2nd husband, and my son and my daughter by a previous marriage, my eldest son having died at the age of 15 months on 9 Oct 1955.  My son was 12 years of age, my daughter was 9.  They were visiting their father in Temple, OK for the summer.

I had been raised a Southern Baptist by my adoptive parents.  I had always been very active in that church, and had raised my children up to that time in the same faith.  It was the nearest church I could find that fulfilled what I had been taught that a church should be, but it did not answer all my questions!!!  I asked the minister when I was a teenager to explain the divine trinity to me.  He told me to look at the electric light bulb that was burning.  He told me if I could explain that to him, then he could explain the divine trinity to me.  I was not satisfied, but did not know the answer.

It was about 9:30 or 10:00 a.m., my husband was at work, and I was just taking a break from housecleaning (in my hot pants and midriff top, smoking a cigarette and drinking a mixed drink, when the doorbell rang.  I had put the bright red throw rug out on the front porch to shake the dust out of it later.  Two young ladies, Sister Stott and Sister Stoddard, were standing on my porch.  I said, "Yes, may I help you?"  Sister Stott replied,"I am Sister Stott and this is Sister Stoddard.  We have a message for you from Jesus Christ.  Would you like to hear it?" (Normally, I did not let strangers into my home, but they seemed so sincere, I let them in.) "Yes", I told them, "come in."

They came in and told me the story of Joseph Smith and the Grove, about heavenly father and his son coming in answer to his prayers, you already know the story.  They asked me if they could come again and tell me about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day-saints.  I felt so sorry for them, they were so sincere, and yet, I thought, so misguided!  I told them that they could come back, but I stipulated that I would have to pray about what they had told me, to find out the truthfulness or fiction of their words.  I asked them, if, after I had listened to ALL that they had to tell me, if heavenly father revealed to me that it was wrong, would they let me tell them about the Baptist Church.  They smiled at each other and accepted the challenge!!!  They did not leave me a Book of Mormon that day, so I went to the Public Library and checked out a copy!  The only time I wasn't reading it was when I was tending to my husband and children.  I would fall asleep reading it at night.  By the way, it was donated by and signed by, the First Presidency!

I listened to all their lessons, and so did my husband.  I did not tell them, but I was praying for a certain sign to know that it was true, for, more or less, this is what I had been taught to do.  When I told the Sisters what I had been doing, they were devastated.  They explained to me that it was wrong to ask for signs from heavenly father, that I would just know the truth, if I asked with a sincere heart!(By the way, Sister Stoddard's mission ended just after the first lesson, and Sister Blake finished them off with Sister Stott)

So, that night, I prayed with a sincere heart, asking heavenly father to forgive me for asking for signs.  I lay down upon my bed, my husband was asleep by the time I got there.  I was in a state, half awake and half asleep, when suddenly, I was in a room where I had never been before.  (I did not know what a Menorah candelabra looked like at the time).  There were heavy Royal Blue Velvet hangings on the very tall walls(like a huge room in a castle), the valances were draped across the top, accented with gold tassels, and tied every so often with golden plaited cords.  The only lights in the room came from two huge candelabras, one on each side of what seemed to be an altar(which was the size of a great table). There were seven candles in each candelabra, the one in the center standing taller than the others(like a Menorah candelabra), and they were burning with a bright light.  The thick carpet was deep and plush, and maroon(the color of red wine)the altar was draped in beautiful white material, with golden threads running down the sides.  The most important thing in the room, or it seemed to me, was the open book which was lying on the altar(I thought at first it was a Bible), but when I approached, I saw emblazoned across the top of   both pages, in huge, bold, black letters:


I can't remember anything else about what the book had written in it, but I knew immediately that Joseph Smith is a Prophet of God, and all those who followed as Presidents of the Church are Prophets of God, that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day-saints is the true church, that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and a 2nd witness, and all the other things that I had learned at the feet of these dear Sisters are true!

About a week later, before I was baptized, my sister, Wanda, and her family, came through Dallas on their way home to Silsbee TX.  I testified to her, and her husband, about the new found truths, and her husband was really a doubting Thomas, having been forced to go to the Church of Christ as a child, and not liking to go to any church.  I knew then why heavenly father had given me the answers to the world's arguments against Mormonism, as my brother-in-law started shooting negatives at me, and I was able to counter with a positive each time, in such a way, that he took my sister and their family home, called the missionaries, and they were baptized into the church in their home town shortly after I was baptized.

I was very active for almost 10 years.  My husband & I were sealed in the Temple, having my dead son sealed to us in the Arizona Temple in 1971.  My other 2 children were also baptized.  Our marriage fell apart because of worldly things.  While it was falling apart, even though I never lost my testimony, I asked to be excommunicated, so that I could be a 'little' worldly, thinking my husband would love me enough to give up his 'vice' if I were more worldly.  It didn't work.  Of course!!!

Anyway, I moved to Houston TX.  I am married to a good man now, his first wife is dead.  He has 6 grown children.  By faith, he is Roman Catholic.  Satan had whispered to me that I had been so sinful that heavenly father could never forgive me for the things I had done.  When I told my husband that I had been sealed in the Temple for Time and all Eternity to my ex husband, he told me he wanted me to get an annulment.  I told him that a Temple Divorce was all that was possible, not an annulment.  He said to do whatever I had to, but get it.  I explained to him that the only way I could apply for it was to be a Temple Worthy member of the Church.  I prayed about it, just KNOWING that I was too dirty for heavenly father to ever forgive me!  That night, I had a dream.  I was outside somewhere away from my home.  It was pouring down rain, but the rain was not water, it was acid, and it burned and blistered everywhere it hit my skin.  I looked around for shelter.  I saw several groups of twos,  young men in dark suits, white shirts, wearing ties, holding huge black umbrellas.  I knew I had to get to
them, for they were inviting me to come and stand under their umbrellas, to be protected.  When I awoke, I knew that the two young men were missionaries, and the umbrellas they were holding represented the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day-saints, and they were welcoming me back into the fold with open arms; I knew that I would be safe there, that the Holy Ghost would protect me as long as I obeyed the commandments to the best of my ability.

The next night after praying many times during the day, I dreamed I was in the Sacred Grove, and there was a grown man praying there, and he was in much distress, pleading with heavenly father for someone.  His hands, though folded, I could see, were cracked and bleeding, from fighting MY battles with Satan, so that I would be strong enough to come back to the Church.  I felt if I could just silently reach and touch his hands, that everything would be all right, but I felt too unclean and unworthy to even try.  He finished his prayer, but was still kneeling, he looked at me with the most beautiful, loving eyes I ever hope to see, and said, "Sister *****(calling my Temple name), ALL IS FORGIVEN!:"  (The man in the grove WAS the Prophet Joseph Smith)!!!!

I woke, the next day, I called the Bishop of our Ward, made an appointment for that evening, a year later, in June, 1990, my son rebaptized me, my son and son-in-law, confirmed me and gave me the gift of the Holy Ghost, my daughter led the music and bore her testimony, and my 6 grandchildren sang I Am A Child of God, plus my oldest granddaughter sang a special song my daughter had written, and my daughter played the piano for the baptism.  I have held a Temple Recommend ever since I could have one back, and do attend the Temple!

I send the Mizpah greeting to you,
Your Sister in Christ,

Joann Robison Cernosek

Ron Cappelli

For all of my growing up years I was raised in a God fearing home. My mother was Lutheran and that was the church I attended. When I was twelve years old I went to catechism, which is a course of instruction to teach the youth the basic beliefs of the church. Upon successful completion of that study program, we were then permitted to participate in taking communion.
My father had been raised as a Catholic. When he was dating my mother, her father would always pull this young boy aside and try to show him that the Catholics were wrong and that the Lutherans were right. Finally, one day, my father decided to prove that just the opposite was true. In violation of the rules of the Catholic church, my father started reading the Bible. To his surprise, he became convinced that the Catholics were wrong in their doctrinal beliefs. However, he also convinced himself that the Lutherans were also wrong. As a result of this endeavor to find the truth for himself, my father became an avid reader of the Bible from that time forth. Yet, because of his studies, he developed his own unique brand of religious thought that was different from any other faith, including the "Mormons"
During my growing up years I remember him loving to get into debates with ministers and other people who would engage him in religious conversation, and most especially the Jehovah Witnesses and the Mormon missionaries, who came knocking on his door asking to talk about God. Very often I sat spellbound listening to these vigorous exchanges of ideas. I also grew up watching every Billy Graham Crusade and every Oral Roberts tent meetings when they were televised.
This was my religious background when I left home to join the Air Force at age twenty. A year later I was given my first permanent duty station near Sherman, Texas, a small town just a few miles from the Oklahoma boarder. The barracks there were more like dormitories, in that they consisted of a series of small rooms with only three people living in each. This afforded us much more privacy than the open barracks with fifty or more people double bunked side by side for the whole length of the building.
One day a roommate of mine overheard me discussing God with another airman, and, when we were alone in our room, started talking to me about his faith. I remember him saying that his church had a prophet, and I remember saying to myself, "So what? Big deal. What difference does that make?" However, that's all I can remember of those conversations, except that we had quite a few of them from time to time.
Then one day he came to me and said he had a couple of friends who wanted to talk to me about his faith, and I responded by saying that I didn't mind talking to anyone about God. He then explained that these friends couldn't come on the base, so we would have to go to their place. Having no objection to doing that, we set a date and, at the appointed time, went to their home. When we arrived at the house, I was escorted down a pair of outside stone steps that led into the basement, where two young men, just barely younger than me, were waiting. They explained that this was their apartment which they were renting from the owners of the house. The area was extremely small and the ceiling was so low we could not fully stand upright. They offered me a chair to sit in while they sat on their bed.
I don't remember much of that first discussion except I came away from it totally convinced that these two kids didn't know anything at all about the Bible. They talked to me about something called the IRONIC priesthood, and I knew that wasn't in the Bible. And they told me about some other guy by the name of Mel-something or other who held a special sort of priesthood, and I was equally convinced that he wasn't in the Bible either. However, after that first meeting, they asked if we could set up another time to discuss their beliefs. I didn't have anything else to do, so I said, "Sure, why not." I was beginning to feel like my father, who enjoyed debating the Bible with whomever he could.
During the next several discussions, they had me open my Bible and showed me things in it that I never knew existed. As they explained each concept of Mormonism, and then pointed it out to me in the Bible, I was left unable to refute their claims. After each point they would ask, "What do you think about that?" or "How do you feel about that?" I was put in a position where I was forced to admit that they were right, not so much because I felt it in my heart, but because they had logically convinced me through the words in the Bible.
However, there was one point they couldn't convince me of, which was that the Father, Son and Holy Ghost were three separate and distinct people. Try as they might, they couldn't make me see their point of view. I remember my father telling me that before the Lord ascended into heaven he commanded His apostles to "Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost" (Matthew28:19). He then pointed out that in every instance in the Bible where it talks about baptism, it states that they were baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. My father's argument was this: What is the name of the Father? What is the name of the Son? What is the name of the Holy Ghost? The answer: Jesus Christ, because He was all three! My father reasoned that the apostles understood this and that's why they always baptized in the name of Jesus Christ rather than "in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost." And that was my conviction too.
Finally, out of exasperation, the missionaries pointed out that since I believed everything else they had told me, why not go ahead and set a date for my baptism? I told them that if I was going to be a Mormon, then I had to believe everything, and until I could resolve this issue of the Trinity, I wouldn't be baptized. Next they asked if I would be willing to fast and pray about it. I agreed, and they also agree to fast and pray for me.
On the appointed day, I awoke and knelt in prayer by my bed and asked the Lord to show me the truth concerning the Trinity. I then arose and went about my normal duties for the day without giving much thought to the matter, with the exception of not eating. Late that night I found myself alone in my room, so I once again knelt in sincere prayer to ask for an answer. When I finished, I rose to my feet, but didn't have any startling revelations. However, the thought occurred to me that perhaps I should read the Bible. My father was always fond of saying, "For every Holy Ghost question, give me a Holy Ghost answer." By that he meant, since the Bible was the inspired word of God, then any question about God could best be answered by the word of God. So I sat down on my bed and used a technique he had taught me --just open the Bible anywhere and start reading. The idea behind this method is that whatever page you inadvertently turn to is exactly where the Lord wants to show you something. So I opened the Bible at
random and started reading.
Within two verses I had my answer! There it was, as plain as anything could be that the Father and Son were two totally separate and distinct people! Furthermore it was a Holy Ghost, (i.e. Biblical) answer to a Holy Ghost question.
I laid the Bible on my lap and thought to myself, "Why those two dumb missionaries. Why didn't they show me this verse in the first place, and that would have explained everything." I had my answer, and now I was satisfied. But what was I going to do with the rest of the evening? Since I had the Bible already open, I decided that I might as well read some more. I flipped several pages and started to read again. No sooner had I begun than I found myself being confronted with yet another scripture that proved the Father and Son were two different people. I was astonished. Quickly I flipped several more pages and, sure enough, there it was again. I flipped more pages and the same concept leaped up at me. Every time I turned the pages and read, I kept finding scriptural evidence that the Father and Son were two different people. The Bible was full of the doctrine. Then, suddenly, I realized that it wasn't the missionaries who were dumb, but me.
Excitedly, I ran out of the room, and down the hall to the pay phone. To say that the missionaries were overjoyed at my conversion would be an understatement. I'm sure they said many words of praise and thanks to their Heavenly Father that night for answering the prayers of three spiritually inexperienced young men.
At that time, the members were so few in number that we were just a small branch. In fact, we were so small, we didn't even have a building of our own in which to meet. As a result of those conditions, the branch leaders had made arrangements to use the facilities of the Seventh-day Adventists, who would hold church on Saturday, and let us use their building to meet on Sunday. The only problem with this was that the church we were meeting in had no baptismal font. However, the missionary elders took care of that by making arrangements with a local Baptist church who allowed them to use their font. And so, a Lutheran boy went to the Baptist church to become a member of the Mormon faith so that he could worship God in a Seventh-day Adventist building.
From that shaky beginning God has helped my testimony of His church to grow and become strong through answered prayers and personally revealed knowledge. Although I have never had the opportunity to serve as a missionary, I am reminded of the Savior's words to Peter, "When thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren" (Luke 22:32). As a result of all that God has given me, which has helped convert me from my way of thinking to a better appreciation of the true plan of salvation, I feel a duty and an obligation to share that knowledge with others to help them become stronger in their understanding of His word.

Gloria Peralta

I was raised by parents of two faiths, a Catholic Father and a Baptist Mother. Not being able to decide among themselves which church was "right" they raised me in both - Mass on Sunday mornings and Sodality meetings on Thursdays; Training Union on Sunday nights, and GA's (Girls Auxiliary) on Wednesday's. My mother liked to argue with ministers, so we went through a lot of different Southern Baptist churches, and I learned that the thing I wanted most was NOT to be a Baptist. (Too many differences between the ministers for me to understand.) Over the years, I learned quite a lot from my Father on earth - most importantly, that I had previously lived with my Heavenly Father. I tried a number of different religions, before selecting the church of my earthly Father. My attendance was more out of "duty" for I noticed that I could not feel the presence of God anywhere I went. A broken marriage and a couple of children later, I decided that God must be dead, and quit going to church. A new marriage, and a new baby on the way, I realized that I would soon be raising children without church, and "knew" that no matter how I felt personally, I could not do that to my children - so I said a half prayer and half statement to Heavenly Father: "God, you know that I can no longer be a Catholic and I do not like being a Baptist. I do not know anything about the churches my husband was raised in. I know the children will need church but I do not know which church they need. If you have a preference, please tell me." Just about dark (maybe three hours after I had my "talk" with Heavenly Father) I answered a knock at my door, and there stood two young men whose faces shone so brightly that I did not even turn on the porch light as I talked to them. I felt a "kindred" feeling and I knew instantly that I wanted whatever they were selling. They told me about the Book of Mormon, and until that moment I had never heard of the LDS Church. (I was 27 years old.) Everything they said made sense to me, and I told them that I wanted to hear everything they had to say, without interruption, my baby was due in less than a week and I asked them if they could come back in two weeks. They did. A lot of the things they told me had already been taught to me by my earthly Father! 6 weeks later both my (then) husband and I were baptized. Our children and grand-children are members, but none of my original family.

Denise Marcy

I was 12 years old, when I decided to become a member of this Great Church!! After several years of investigating the True church, and my family trying desperately to get away from the MORMONS, I finally was the first to become a member. We were considered "investigators" for around 7 years!! Yes, along time!! My mother and I were the only ones really going to this church, when I asked to become a member. My father had given up on the Lutheran Church, and was no longer going, except for the days we HAD to go, Christmas and Easter! I was just the age for young womens, and really was getting along great with the other Young Women...and the teacher were really Great, too!!

I am now 27 years old, and am again active in the Church. I strayed away for several years, thinking that I could get along fine with out going to the Lord in decisions, and throughout my life! Well, I was WRONG!! My kids are what brought me back to the church, and for them I am truly grateful~~ I would use excuses like I was working, and my ex-husband wouldn't let me go, but down deep inside my heart, I didn't want to go.

I have now been active again for 4 years. I have gone each Sunday, unless I am truly sick. I can't live without the Gospel in my life, and very soon, I will be attending the Temple.

What a JOY in my life that has brought me to this stage in my Gospel!! The joy of having the chance to have an Eternal family means the world to me!! I know that with the Gospel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I can have an Eternal family!!

I also want to Thank Massimo for this WONDERFUL page that he and his inspirations have put this page together!! The Lord is on his side, and he has been blessed with a Wonderful Spirit!!

Thanks Massimo!!

Raymond Davis

My name is Ray Davis and I and my family are converts to the church.We joined in 1980 and this is how it came about for me. I was raisedSouthern Baptist down in Texas and had never been satisfied with a lot of the beliefs in that church.I had actively searched many religions for the truth of the gospel,though found none that felt right to me.I am a amateur radio operator (ham- KB5ZX) and had met on the airwhat became a great friend, who was a member of the LDS church. He lived in the same area as me and we became really good friends. He never tried to push his beliefs on me but would answer any question I ask about the church in great detail.By the way, I had listened to the missionary lessons several times and my wife Betty had joined the church. I agreed with what I had heard but had not really become convinced.  One Saturday afternoon my "ham" friend came by and as we were setting talking I ask what he had been doing that day. He said that he had been to the Los Angeles Temple and began to talk about how much he enjoyed being there and how wondrous it was to walk down the halls and be in the same rooms that the Lord Himself had been in.  At this point a feeling of great piece and contentment came over me with a power that I have no words to explain. It filled my entire being from head to toe, and was so wondrous that I sat there rather stunned for a moment just enjoying the marvelous feeling. I knew without any doubt where this feeling was coming from, and was so surprised at how simple the answer was. I ask in my mind if what Pete had been telling me about the Temple was true. Again this wondrous feeling filled my being. I than ask if the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was true. Again the marvelous feeling filled me. By this time tears were streaming down my face, and I guess I had a smile from ear to ear because my friend ask me what was the matter, and before I could answer him, he knew ! I continued to ask question after question of the Spirit and to each I received an answer. By now Pete and I were both crying and my wife came in and seeing us in that state wanted to know what was wrong ? I told her that NOTHING was wrong and that I wanted to join the church ! What an amazing experience!  I testify to you that I know, I KNOW that Christ lives and is our Lord and Savior.  I know that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the one and only true church and was established by the Lord Himself through A young man named Joseph Smith.  Christ stands at the head of His Church and leads and guides us as we need guidance through the living Prophet appointed by Christ Himself !   I testify that if you will sincerely pray to our Father in heaven, asking for conformation of the truth of the Gospel and His church that you will indeed get an answer so simple and amazing that you will never again have doubt !  To this I testify in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Ossil V. Macavinta

I know that God lives, Jesus is the Christ! He is the Son of the everlasting God, He was born of goodly parents. Born of humble circumstances. He is the Christ. The Messiah foretold in the Old Testament. Joseph Smith was called of God, a modern day prophet, who restored all the keys of the kingdom. Because of his humble and sincere prayer, asking God as found in James 1:5, a glories and indescribable vision of God, the Father and His Beloved Son, appeared to him to answer his prayer -- Of all the churches which church is the most correct, and which one should he join. He was instructed that he should join none of them. For God told him, "Many of them (the churches) draw their lips near to me, but their hearts are far from me."

From a simple, yet sincere prayer, the Prophet Joseph Smith ushered in the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ in these, the latter days. Thus, saith the Lord is my church called, "The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints." I know with all my heart that it is true! It is the only true and living church upon the earth. It has all the rites, powers, authority, and privilege given to Joseph from God through His authorized servants beginning with John the Baptist, Peter, James and John, and all the holy prophets of old who transferred the keys of the kingdom of God. It has been restored from the time of the Great Apostasy. When all the 12 Apostle of the Lord, Jesus Christ were killed off by wicked and unrighteous men.

The Book of Mormon is true! It is another testament of Jesus Christ. Another witness that Jesus is the Son of God. That there are other nations, He spoke to, at the time of His resurrection and ascension, even His visit is recorded in the Book of Mormon (3 Nephi, chapter 11). One only needs an Open mind and a sincere heart for God to open up the flood gates of heaven so that he who seeks may know! I am thankful for the Book of Mormon. It has answered many questions that I had as a young Catholic boy growing up. It is true. It is wonderful. It is of a divine origin.

We have a prophet today, who is called of God, after the order of the calling of Joseph Smith, after the order of Melchizedek, the high priest who Abraham paid tithes and offerings to. President Gordon B. Hinckley is the Prophet and Apostle, along with the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles who guides and directs the affairs of the kingdom, government of the Son of God, who this church belongs. For it bears His holy name -- The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints.

My challenge to those who may read this testimony. Receive a copy of the Book of Mormon. Find out with an open mind and humble heart if it speaks of the Jesus Christ spoken of in the New Testament. I promise you that if you ask and seek with sincerity of the heart, with faith in Jesus Christ, you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Book of Mormon speaks of the same Jesus Christ. It will be a glories and humbling experience when the Holy Ghost reveals to you that there is only one church which is recognized by the true in living God. I welcome all my brothers and sisters to join with me and 10 million others throughout the world to assist this work which prepareth the way for the Second Coming of the Savior of the world, even Jesus Christ whom I speak of. In the sacred name of Him who I love with all my heart, the Messiah, Jesus Christ. Amen.

God Bless you Massimo my brother and friend,


Michael Weber

My Testimony.

I've read a few testimonies on the web and other places and often wondered how one decides what to write. Some tell a conversion story, others of some remarkable experience, others of a profound witness or epiphany. I don't have much like that to offer. Oh, I've had my remarkable experiences, I have a conversion story, I even think I've experienced an epiphany, but none of these really express my testimony.  I have a very personal witness that Jesus is the living Christ. I know that He lives and that he is in charge. If I were to attribute that knowledge to some pinnacle event or experience I would be discounting the countless day to day experiences of life that constitute the mass of the iceberg of my faith in the Redeemer. He was there on those few mountain top moments of my life, but he was also there in all of the valleys, pits, pot holes, ruts and briar patches. I guess I learned to worship him and to hold him in awe on the mountain tops, but I learned to love him when he was my yoke mate in ordinary life.  I admit that I've spent a lot of time looking for the Lord in lofty places, but I've found him in lowly ones. Mostly I found him other people. There's a song I like that goes..."I believe there's a light, that shines in everyone, I believe it's the Light of the World...." I believe that light is the Light of Christ. I believe that it does shine in EVERYONE. I take great delight in seeing it even in some of the 'unlikely' ones. When I do (and I always can, if I will)I find profound evidence of the divinity of the Savior of the World.  He lives! Glorious and majestic, humble and meek! YOU are the greatest evidence of that, whoever you are, and so is your neighbor. If you don't believe me look for yourself!  Jesus Christ lives. He was resurrected from the dead. No, I wasn't there at the tomb, but I am as confident of the fact as if I had been. He organized his church nearly 2000 years ago and it is found upon the earth today. It remains his and operates with his authority and under his direction. He has called a prophet today, through whom he conducts the affairs of his kingdom on earth. Those affairs, including the ordinances of salvation are essential to our happiness and eternal progress.  Additionally, he reserves a place in his heart for a personal, individual relationship with you and with me. That place is ours regardless of religious affiliation, gender, race, worthiness or belief. He would like to occupy some space in our hearts as well.  I am as confident that there is a Satan as I am that there is a Christ.   Subsequently, there is evil as well as good, wrong as well a right, error as well as truth. Satan is the author of evil and error. Christ the source of light and truth. Humans are free to chose one or the other. It is my promise and testimony that if we look to Christ, we will be shown the light and be lead to the truth. Then, if we will act upon that knowledge, respond according to that which we have been shown, we will be given more and more until the perfect day.  This my testimony, of this I am sure, and I share it with you in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Janet Bennet

My conversion to the true Church of Jesus Christ actually started in my childhood in Boise, ID. My father’s stepmother, Grandma Clara (Walker) Anderson, was one of the warmest, most loving women I had ever met. She was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons).

Unfortunately, my father and my mother’s relatives were not members of the Church and had definite opinions, most of them not factual or nice, about Mormons. My paternal grandfather, who I adored, decided to convert from the Methodist Church to the Mormon Church. I remember my father almost disowned him for this action.

I grew up as a United Methodist in religion and in a very privileged and sheltered life. I always loved Christ and wanted to learn more about Him. I was fascinated with the prophets of old and reasoned that, if there were prophets then, why aren’t there any prophets now? I asked my minister and he had no answer for me. Therefore, I continued to live a Christ like life (many friends thought I was Mormon because I didn’t smoke, drink, swear, etc).

All of a sudden, a conflict developed between a new minister’s philosophy and my own (only the Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls weren’t valid). I drew away from the Methodist Church. I continued to pray and lead the kind of life I thought I should.

I looked to my grandmother as a role model. She was that important to me! I found myself in an abusive relationship after a divorce and counseled with my grandma. She confided in me that she too had been divorced due to domestic violence back in the 1940’s. She told me that grandpa was a wonderful man and that if she could survive domestic violence, I could too. I would also meet a wonderful man and marry him.

In 1989, I met my ex-husband, David and started a stressful life with him. I now had a total of 4 children, 3 of David’s and Jeremy, my God-sent son. David’s kids are all older, the Eldest, Lisa is, 10 years older than Jeremy.

My earnest investigation came after almost losing my husband of 3 years to a complication of a nasty gall bladder in the summer of 1993. I prayed that if David’s life were spared, I would join any religion He would have me investigate. My opportunity came when I reentered College the following January and found I had to take a Liberal Arts elective in the Philosophy field for my Associate degree. I chose an introductory Philosophy course in the world’s religions. We briefly covered every mainstream religion from Buddhist to Zulu with a brief touch on Christianity. Part of our grade was a term paper and presentation on a religion or aspect of, that our professor okayed. I proposed mine to be on the Mormons, because of my parents’ hatred on this religion. My Professor approved my selection. I went to work, reading every text I could get my hands on. Still not satisfied, I called the South Bend, Indiana Stake and talked to a wonderful lady who was a new member herself. She invited me to an event just for ladies and I met two wonderful sister Missionaries. These Sisters answered all of my questions, arranged for an interview with the Stake President and several members of the Church. They also attended my presentation and answered the class’ questions with honesty and humility!

I started reading the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and knew they to be true after just the first few pages. Two more of the wonderful missionaries (young men) baptized me on March 26, 1995 in the Niles, Michigan Branch. I don’t regret this decision in one little bit! I have been blessed in more than one opportunity and my husband, although not a member, didn’t try to interfere with my service or commitment at first. However, after 2 years he started to inflict me with various abuses (emotional, sexual and verbal), David and I now divorced. I still don't regret my decision to be a member of God's True Church, one little bit! My local congregation (ward) is as close, maybe closer than my family. I have learned skills that will help me survive should a natural disaster occur. I have attended the Temple, strengthened my testimonies of The Scriptures, Joseph Smith, Jr. and Gordon B. Hinckley as a true Prophets of Heavenly Father and Jesus' atonement for our sins.

The true Church of Jesus Christ has given me an edge, feeling like a sheet of armor, against all things that are bad. This doesn’t mean that I don’t have trials and tribulations like everyone else, but a feeling of peace and calmness knowing that the Holy Ghost, Jesus and God all watch over me. It has given me friends that are more like family, self-esteem, self worth, and most importantly in my life, it has given me answers to my questions that United Ministers could not answer. This church just makes sense to me and feels right. This is the happiest I have ever been in my entire life. I am also more forgiving and understanding with friends, family and everyone I meet.



Here is the story of my conversion to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the only church on the earth today that is organized and presided over by our Savior and Master, the Lord Jesus Christ.

It all started at St Cuthbert's Youth Club Christmas party in the year of 1976. I had been invited to the party by a friend from high school. There were quite a few people there whom I knew, amongst them three others from my school, one of whom was a Latter Day Saint. I had known for some time that Linda was a Mormon, but had never really taken it seriously until today. Nor had I considered what it meant to be a Mormon or exactly what their beliefs were, except what I had heard about them from the pop group "The Osmonds".

We were all having some trifle when someone told Linda that it contained sherry. Linda was upset at this but was to find out a few minutes later that they had only been teasing her. It was Linda's reaction, however, that impressed me, that she should take her religion so seriously and was so sincere about it. I began asking Linda questions about her church, and we ended up talking for almost half an hour. Then Linda asked me if I would like to come out to church with her sometime and I told her that I would. We arranged to go together in January 1977.

When the 16th January came I did not want to go to her church because I was worried what to expect. When I saw her the following day, I made an excuse, but promised I would go with her some other time. She did not push me to go with her but suggested that I went with her to Family Home Evening that night.

Family Home Evening is usually on a Monday evening - it is one night in the week that Latter Day Saints reserve to be with their families, usually having a spiritual lesson, have fun activities, refreshments, etc. I said I would go and I went to her home that night and together we went to Sister Ena Smith's home. We arrived there about 7.30 PM, and I was surprised how friendly everyone was! We had a lesson about temples.

We talked a bit about the church, and eventually Linda told me about a series of discussions with the Elders (full-time missionaries) of the church and asked me if I would be interested in having them. I said that I would. There are twelve discussions in total - their purpose is to explain about the beliefs of the church and to teach of the plan of salvation and how families can be together for time and all eternity.

I went to family home evening again on the 31st January 1977. We then arranged to have my discussions starting 6th February 1977. I was told about Joseph Smith and how the church was organized and on whose authority. Both Elder Jensen and Elder Hatt bore their testimonies to me and I could tell by Linda's reaction to some of the questions that the Church meant a great deal to her and that she believed in it fully.

I was given my first Book of Mormon, a leaflet called the "Prophet Joseph Smith's Testimony" and was asked if I would read some specific passages from the Book of Mormon. The Elders asked me to pray about what they had told me that day and also about what I read in the leaflet and the Book of Mormon.

They had told me that the Holy Spirit would bear witness to me about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and whether Joseph Smith was a prophet of the Lord and was visited by the Father and His son, Jesus Christ. I did this, but, I did not received my answer immediately. My impression of the church service was that it was different to anything I had experienced before, as they did not have a sermon by one person - the vicar or minister - but instead it was given by a normal member of the church who had previously been given a subject to speak on.

On Thursday 10th February 1977 at 7 PM, I had my second discussion with Elders Hatt and Jensen. They also asked me if the Spirit had bore witness to me about the truthfulness of what they had told me. I said that I had not identified this.

The following day, I was reading the Book of Mormon - Moroni chapter 8 -and the Spirit bore witness to me for the first time in my life. It was a beautiful feeling, I really felt at peace with the world. I had a burning feeling within my heart - it was really beautiful - I do not think I will ever forget how I felt on that day! It was that day that I gained a testimony of the Gospel and the Book of Mormon and of course about Joseph Smith and Spencer Kimball. After that I read a leaflet on "The Plan of Salvation", which explains where we come from, why we are on this earth and where we go after we have died.

After further teaching, attending church meetings, personal study and a great deal of soul searching and prayer, the Elders challenged me to be baptized. I said that I would like to be, but I was afraid. They explained what happened at a baptism, and told me I would need a form signed because I was under the age of 18. I really wanted to be baptized because I know that this is the only true church of Jesus Christ on the earth today.

I asked my dad if I could be baptized and thus become a member of the church. He refused to sign the form and give his permission for my baptism! I was really upset at this, as he had previously said it was my decision, but to think carefully about it. I wanted to be baptized so much … the Spirit had told me so strongly that this was the true church as organized by our Savior Jesus Christ … I knew by the peaceful feelings and warm glow that I had that this was the road Heavenly Father wanted me to travel … I knew that someday I would be able to return to live with Them.

Two years later, in November 1978, I was baptized. I met my husband ion 27th August 1978 and married him on 30th December that year. My husband was and still is an active Latter Day Saint and we met at a church meeting. We have had the privilege of being sealed (married) for time and all eternity in the Temple of the Lord in Switzerland. This is a wonderful blessing and a great privilege to know that my husband and I need not ever be separated from each other or from our children, even after we have died.

We have been married for twenty years in December 1998. That is a great accomplishment is today's society. One reason that we are so happy is that we both put the Lord first in our lives. By doing this we automatically put each other first. We both strive to live as our Savior has taught so that one day we may return to Him. We have some modern day advise from called "The Proclamation on the Family" - this is a statement from the Lord on how He expects us to behave in our families and how our families should be organized.

I love my Savior and my Heavenly Father so much. They show so much love to me. My Savior is truly my best friend - he is wonderful - he died and rose again so that I may be forgiven for my sins and have peace in my heart. He lives!!!

I'm so grateful that we have a prophet, President Gordon B Hinckley, on the earth today. A man who communes with God and receives direction directly from the Savior as to the running of the Lord's church. President Hinckley is truly a prophet of God - that is obvious from everything that comes from his mouth. Joseph Smith was also a true prophet, through whom the Lord revealed His will regarding the restoration of the Gospel, through whom he restored the priesthood authority in these latter days and through whom was revealed the Book of Mormon.

The Book of Mormon is the true word of God. It is the most true book on the earth today. It backs up the Bible and is a second testament of Christ.

You too can have the peace that I feel. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have or arrange to have some of our missionaries contact you with a free copy of the "Book of Mormon" or the leaflet that I read about Joseph Smith or a copy of "The Proclamation for the Family". Especially if you are in England, I should love to hear from you and I add my e mail address if you wish to do this.

My Testimony Of Jesus Christ

by Sheri Green

I know and believe beyond shadow of doubt that Jesus Christ of Nazareth, that same Jesus Christ spoken of in the New Testament is that same Jesus Christ that all the holy prophets said should come into the world to redeem the world from the fall. He is the Son Of God the living and Eternal Father in Heaven. He, this Jesus is our Elder Brother. He came to this earth to fulfill the law of all righteousness. Together, God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ and The Holy Ghost make up the Godhead. Three distinct beings each separate in their personalities, who are each God's with God the Father being the greatest out of the three.

My life has been made rich because of the knowledge I have that Jesus Christ lives. I know that he is a personage of flesh and bone just as tangible as that of the Father. I know that God the Father is the Father of us all. We are His literal off spring. Born to him and our Mother in Heaven in the pre-existence before our mortal journey here on earth. I know and believe in the Holy Ghost. I know that he testifies and bears witness of the truthfulness of God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. I know that he is the comforter spoken of by Jesus to his apostles that should come to them after his assention into heaven.

We came to this earth to become like our Heavenly Parents. Our Savior, being the oldest of God the Father's spirit children and thus more like unto the Father was chosen by us all to come to this earth to be our redeemer. Our Savior took upon himself our many sins and imperfections. He suffered for all who have ever been born and who are yet to be born of God's children. His pain was so that he bleed from every pour as he took upon himself our many sins, which sins we will not have to suffer for if we repent and follow his teachings to the best of our ability.

In his suffering in the garden Jesus not only took upon himself our sins but he also suffered our afflictions and illnesses so that He would better know how to succor us. It is this knowledge that gives me courage to go to Him in my times of need and in doing so I know that he will understand and will comfort me and will forgive me when I find the need to repent so that my life will be full of the joy and happiness that God intended for me to experience.

I'm thankful for this opportunity to share my testimony. It burns deep, it is real and it has withstood the winds and storms of time because I've built it upon a sure and solid foundation. With our Savior in my life I can accomplish all things, without Him in my life I'm nothing as to myself.

You may forget this web page of mine, you may forget a lot of things in life as you travel through it but of all the things that you do remember let this be among them, that Sheri Green of Utah knows that Jesus is the Christ, the only begotten son of God the Eternal Father in the flesh. The gospel plan of God the Father has once again been restored to this earth through the direction of his Son Jesus Christ and through a modern day prophet that was called from before the foundation of this world began.

This prophet was and still is Joseph Smith Junior. He is a true prophet called to bring about the restoration through the guidance of Jesus Christ our Savior, our Redeemer and our King.


I know with all my heart, mind, and soul that this is the true church. How do I know? well I have prayed about it and the wonderful burning feeling I felt told me and it was just something I couldn't deny! I know that if you too pray about it with a sincere heart and a contrite spirit and in faith you too can have that same feeling I do. I know that prayers work their have been times I have just prayed for something really simple such as finding a watch and I look up and its almost right in front of me! Most importantly I know that Jesus walked upon the earth and that he died for us all that one day we can return to him and live in his presence and I know that he lives now, that he is watching over us all and that he loves us no matter of our race, Status, or even religion.
I really don't know how my life would be like now if I was not a member of this church but I do know that I would not feel so much happiness and peace. I know that I might not be on the right path. I know that families can be together forever, it is the way God would want it, How can you live knowing its just until "death do us part." I urge you to really get down on your knees and pray to know the truth. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Quitman ward

I would be happy to share my conversion story with you, I was 16 years old and my mother had always had an interest in the Mormon religion but
for one reason or another never made the call. Then in about November/December she made the call, and we were presented with two wonderful missionaries, Elder Astile and Elder Montegomery. They were both very spirited and energetic. I don't believe it was ever a struggle or doubt when we received the lessons, they felt so true. And the church, I can hardly begin to tell you the feeling I had walking in there, it was almost magical, so peaceful and overcoming. I knew it was were I belonged. And on February 2, My family of four (mother,sister,and myself, my brother was to young) were baptized and it has changed my life, which I am so grateful. And that is my conversion story. Thanks again for the great site.

The Little Family; Quitman ward, Ark.


I have been a member of the church for 27 years. I joined in Birmingham, Alabama when it was still a Mission. I was introduced to the Church by my then boyfriend. Not long after I had met this boy I was at his home and looking at books in a bookcase and of course The Book of Mormon caught my eye and I asked about it he let me take it home and I began reading it. My conversion has been growing the rest of my life and does not cease.

Many members of the church are converts, like myself. Others were born into LDS families but each of them in an individual way is "converted" at some time in their life when they come to realize the truthfulness of the church. Each of us has a personal testimony of the church, its doctrines and its importance in our lives. We are not "Mormons" just on Sundays but each and every day of the week. We try to live to the high moral and ethical standards that are set. We are not perfect - sometimes we make mistakes and fail. We believe in a loving God, our Heavenly Father, who will forgive us of our wrongs if we repent with an honest heart. Jesus Christ suffered the pain of the atonement so that we could all be forgiven.

Before I joined the church my life was that of a pagan. I lived a life of wine, women and song. I had no belief in God. In fact, my scientific background made me proud of being an atheist. After many years of this lifestyle I came to realize that it was leading nowhere and made a decision to clean up my life. I went and visited various different churches with friends. Nice places, but I was not really in tune with them.
About this time, I felt a strong desire to move to Salt Lake City, Utah. I had visited Salt Lake on a number of occasions, business and pleasure, and had fallen in love with it. I did not know why - I do like to ski but Salt Lake is certainly not a "party town". Anyway, I set about my plans to move to Salt Lake City. In the November I flew out for a week to find an apartment to move into. It took less time than expected and I had a day free before my flight back east. I then did something which was not typical. Being a ski bum, I would normally have rented a set of skis and gone up into the mountains. But this time I did not. I went to visit Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake. For me to visit a religious place instead of skiing was unheard of. Remember, back then I thought that Sundays were for skiing. In Temple Square the spirit of the Lord answered the questions I had in my mind about why the move to Utah. I went on a guided tour of Temple Square and learnt about the story of Joseph Smith and the history of the church. The more I learnt, the more I could identify with and the more made sense. I then went on a tour which taught about the Book of Mormon. Same thing - the more I learnt, the more made sense to me. Talk about Saul on the road to Damascus. For me it happened in Temple Square, Salt Lake City!!!

I moved to Utah in the December. I had requested that the missionaries from the church visit me. They came in early January to start a series of six discussions about the church. Ten days later, on January 16, 1992, I was baptized and became a member. Probably one of the best things I have ever done in my life.

To tell all about my experiences since I became a "Mormon" would take a book. Let me briefly say that I have a strong testimony of the church, of the Book of Mormon and of the prophet Joseph Smith. Today we have a living prophet, the leader of the church, President Gordon B. Hinckley. I have had first hand experiences of the power of prayer and of the power of the priesthood that I hold. I now know the reason for life. I have found a lifestyle which is good and clean and wholesome but also fun and joyful. I have a strong personal testimony of the word of wisdom. I have married another Latter-day Saint and my good wife and I often go to the temple together to perform ordinances. Life is good if you know what it is all about.

This is my personal testimony.

Grahame Leach's

I did not receive much church teaching as a boy. I do remember going to primary on Wensdays after school. My parents were good people, but did not attend. Somewhere along the line they came to approve of the L.D.S. Church, because I was sent there for primary off & on for a few years as a youth.
Age 16, I dated a L.D.S. girl, had missionary lessons at her house,became a member with a fair belief. We broke up & I became the wild kid that was raging inside me. I never hurt anyone but myself, but I was a drug induced kinda guy. I would latter find out that I had suffered from depression all my life and was actually medicating myself.
As the years went by the drugs were joined by alcohol. I knew better, that helped fuel the depression. When someone says they suffer from depression, they do mean suffer.
I got myself a wife, then kids. Then, at age 25, my Mom died. About that time a call went out from the church. "Read the Book of Mormon!!!" I did. I was looking for answers to my grief.
I could see a plan in the back of my mind ,the way it would be . Someday, I would return to my church. As I read I learned. I remember thinking; "How could anyone think that this book had been made up in some persons imagination?" Being interested in archeology, I began to seek out things that prove this book to be true. At one time the mountain of evidence I had found could convince anyone but my wife.
I would not attend church because of my drinking,smoking and drug use, but continued to know the truth of what I found.I still knew that I would return.
As the years went by I started to shake the bad habits. I grew tired of alcohol. Then I pretty much quit drugs. Then I discovered though the magic of the internet that I had a treatable problem. I went to my Dr. & tried anti-depression medication. It was amazing! I quit most everything, then with the help of a severe cold I quit smoking. I could see it now. Then the missionaries dropped by out of the blue . I was ready, and wanted guidance for my kids.we went back to the same beloved church I had attended as a youth. The people welcomed me like an old friend.
I attended faithfully & soaked up the lessons given like a sponge. A few months went by. The Bishop sent for me. I was called to teach the 14 & 15 year old youth! Wow!
I guess I was I needed to suffer more before I learned, but now I truly understand the down side to ................everything. Every day i think of something that I did that I am ashamed of, and/or need to repent of.
Not only was I welcomed back, The Lord wanted me to teach others, maybe I can keep them off the path that I was on so long. What a great church we have!
Jon Ashby

Fabian Munoz

My testimony started well before I even knew, I was raised with a very strong Catholic background. As the years went by we found ourselves looking for
more, the church had become a place that we had to go, not a place that we wanted to go. My mother made the decision that we would leave the church in search of a church that would feed our spirits the way they needed to be fed.

My mother ended up teaching us the word of the Lord and she instilled in us the love for the Lord that we needed in order to be worthy that when the time came we would not be left behind. My mother was a very strong person in the Lord and taught us well, she was a great teacher, up until the day she passed away. (Nov. 15.1999).

As the years went by I found myself following the wrong path constantly, I knew that the path that I was leading was wrong but I could not change. I
found myself as a police officer with the wrong company, a failed marriage and a feeling of guilt. Guilt that I knew what the cause was, but did not do
anything to fix it. I found myself doubting that the Lord was all I was taught. When my mother was in the hospital with cancer, I asked her, "If the
Lord was all that she said he was, why was he making her go through all this pain," Her response was "If I can share my testimony here in the hospital to anyone that will listen and they are saved, then all of this will be worth it." I was a little confused with her answer, but I knew she was right.

Once again I found myself on the wrong path, following the way of the world and not of the Lord. I the course of three years I found myself going from
place to place, as if I was hiding from someone. I found myself in a new job with new responsibilities and again on the wrong path.

One day they asked me if I wanted to be the lead on a conversion team, my company had just acquired another company and they wanted me to transfer all of their storage into our warehouse. I was about to leave the company and disappear again, but I had a feeling that I needed to stay. I was not going to take the job, but the night before I sat in my home and prayed to the Lord to guide me and I left my life in his hands to do his will.

The next day I went to work with my letter of resignation in hand and when they asked me if I wanted to take it, I said yes. Up until that very moment
I had no idea that my trip to Salt Lake City, Utah would change my life.

While in SLC my life to a severe change, I met several people that felt the same way I was taught, this was very confusing to me because I had no idea
that my mother was so right about the wonderful feelings that would come. Out of all the people that I met, one family stands out. The Gledhill's, as I
soon found out, they were Mormon. Jenny, their daughter, worked for me on the project, from the moment I saw her I knew that she was someone special and I wanted to know all about her and her family. They took me into their home and gave me the love that I had been missing for some time. All the time I was there we talked about the way my mother taught me to follow the Lord and the blessings that he would bestow me. Not once did they ever push me into their religion or tell me that their religion was right. In my eyes I could see the Love for the Lord in their eyes and the love for their church. Kay once told me that the way I spoke of my mother, if she didn't know that we were not Mormon, she would say that she was.

My time in SLC came to an end, when I returned home I wanted to know more about their religion. I found a local LDS church and went, while I was their I found myself overwhelmed with the holy spirit, we had searched for a place to call home for so long and I had finally found it. I asked the missionaries if we could meet and talk more, a couple of days later we met and at our first discussion we talked for 3 1/2 hours, then we met again and
again, by the third discussion another 3 1/2 hours, they told me that all I had talked about and the way my mother had taught me, I had already covered
all six discussions. At this time we both spoke of baptism, they asked and I accepted,

On Sept. 14, 2000, I was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and 10 days later I was confirmed and received the gift of the
Holy Ghost. I also received the aaronic priesthood

The Gledhill's came from SLC and were present at my baptism, this was a very special moment for me since my own immediate family was against my decision to follow the Lord in the LDS church. I am so thankful to the Lord that he did not give up on me and kept pushing me back on the right path each time I strayed and that he sent the Gledhill's to show me the wonderful things that we can receive if we follow him. I am also very happy to say that Jenny and myself will soon be married in the temple. I love my church and I know it is the true church, and that Joseph Smith was a true Prophet.

Fabian Munoz

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