The Bible and the Book of Mormon

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  • Symbolism   ( 5 Articles )

    This section is one of my favorite. Numbers are included in this section.

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  • MISCELLANEOUS   ( 4 Articles )
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  • CRITICISM   ( 37 Articles )

    This page is entirely dedicated to our "friends". They love questions, but usually they don't pay any attention to the answers. Like a friend of mine Russel Anderson loves to say:"

    They don't believe there is an answer. This information is for those who have faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ but don't know how to answer some of the critic's questions.

    "Why do the Elders of the Church hold their peace, instead of contradicting the various falsehoods, which are published concerning them and their principles? The answer is, it would require a standing army of writers and printers in constant employ; for no sooner are our enemies detected in one falsehood, than a thousand more are put in circulation by them: and there are many who love a lie so much more than the truth, that we are quite willing they should enjoy their strong delusion." (Parley P. Pratt, Mormonism Unveiled, 1838)

    Minds are like parachutes: they work better when they are open

  • PROPHESY   ( 7 Articles )

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Massimo Franceschini Secret Paradise

Hidden truths in the Bible. Volume 1

Hidden truths in the Bible. Volume 1