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anthontran script

Note the simularities between the Gold Hill Rock (above) and the Anthon transcript copied from the golden plates.These can also be compared to the Bat Creek Stone and other engravings found throughout the USA.


In the Columbia River gorge, at a site now submerged by damming of the river, is a rock bearing five painted glyphs that strongly resemble Egyptian hieroglyphs.


Michigan Christ

Michigan Tablet depicting Christ's crucifixion. Tablet is made of a clay material, fired or sun dried, in the archives of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Salt Lake City, Utah. Photograph ©, courtesy of David A. Deal.


Above: Obverse side of Burrows Cave stone: Son of the Right Hand (b) is being carried from the cross to his tomb (c). Just above his body appears the mark (b) which identifies the figure as Christ. Below: The reverse side: Son of the Right Hand (h) is victorious over death through resurrection. He has spent three days (f) in the tomb (g). He now is en route to His Father's house (i) according to the King James Version, St. John, Chapter 20:17, when He was met by Mary Magdalene. Artifact property of Ancient American. Photograph ©, courtesy of Triple A Productions.

resurrection fathers house

son of right handson of right hand copyson of right hand

Burrows Cave stone with both Michigan Marks, Son-of-the-Right-Hand and the Mystic Symbol, portraying Son of the Right Hand (Christ?). Artifact is in the possession of Ancient American. Stone measures approximately 3" diameter and fits in the palm of the hand. Photograph ©, Triple A Productions.

Mich dragonchrist

Above: A scene demonstrating the opposing sides these two figures represent. Above the dragon is the mark associated with Son of the Left Hand. Above the figure holding a spear is Son of the Right Hand. The Son of the Right Hand's sign is synonymous with the Mystic Symbol and is interchangable as demonstrated below on the Michigan tablet shown. Below: On the right side of the tablet,, the Son of the Left Hand mark is at the left hand of God (as it faces you) signifying that figure's name or station. On the right hand of God (as you look at the tablet) is another figure which shares the Mystic Symbol with God, indicating a shared identification with this sign. The Son of the Right Hand mark is not present as God and this figure are united in purpose and are therefore identified by the same sign., Photos ©, courtesy of David A. Deal.

mich 10 commmystic symbol

Interpretations of the glyph found at both the Burrows Cave and Michigan Tablets Collections:

  • Mystic Symbol
  • Mark of the Michigan Mound Builders
  • Deity or God
  • Son of the Right Hand
  • God and Son of the Right Hand

michigan script

Above: A Burrows Cave stone with an unknown style of cuneiform writing identically found on many of the Michigan Tablets. Photograph ©, Triple A Productions

Below: Examples of cuneiform writing illustrated from a black Assyrian obelisk (10th Century, B.C.) Although they compare favorably with specimens found in Michigan and Illinois, they are not identical. Drawing ©, courtesy of The Story of Mankind, Olive Beaupre Miller, Tangley Oaks Educational Center, Lake Bluff, Illinois.

assyrian cuniform



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Interpretations of the glyph found at both the Burrows Cave and Michigan Tablets Collections:

  • Mystic Symbol
  • Mark of the Michigan Mound Builders
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