The Bible and the Book of Mormon

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The famous Roman general named Pompey conquered Palestine in 63 b.c. and after killing 5.000 Jews at Jerusalem, firmly planted the Roman eagles on Mount Zion. This was the beginning of the epic of the Romans in Jerusalem. Surely like Cyrus played an important part in the plan of God, the Roman empire had an important part in the History of the chosen people.

From the book "Days of living Christ" of elder Cleon Skousen we have these interesting remarks.

"Unlike the Greeks. the Romans hod no desire to impose their pagan religion on conquered countries. Their passion was for peace, order, Roman justice, and the prompt payment of tribute. In retrospect, it is rather fascinating that wherever the Romans went, they took the greatest delight in building thousands of miles of paved roads, turning desert into oases, building mile after mile of brilliantly engineered viaductus, and then embellishing every mayor city with amphitheaters, coliseum, palaces, temples, and race tracks. There had never been anything like it in the history of the world. Their goal was to spread their kind of civilization under Pax Romana from England to India."

Their tolerance toward religion and Pax Romana where the most important conditions for Jesus to preach His Gospel and to perform His atonement. If the Romans didn't allow to Jews to practice their religion how could Jesus preach His Gospel ? But above all when time came for the atonement if the Romans, in the person of Pilate, should judge Jesus, they would have found Him innocent, instead they left the Jews make the judgment. I am not an historian and this article has anything to do with history. Anyway I like always to try to better understand the background of the history, as Italian I am particularly proud of the Roman period, this age lasted about one thousand years, in this period they ruled the world, no just a fraction like Egypt, Babylon and so on.   Surely the key for this success was their tolerance for the customs and religion, Pax Romana came like a result of wisdom more than fear and oppression. If you leave aside the languages of Asia and African all the other tongues were powerfully influenced by the Latin language. English is 50% from Latin, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French 80%.

I have several interesting pictures of Rome and I want to post them here, I will try to find pictures related of other important biblical places and make other pages like this one. If any of you has interesting pictures of biblical route or place please share them.

This is the plastic of the city at the time, approximately, of Christ. 3.500.000 people were living in this city at that time, just like Phoenix today. This plastic was done in 1937.


This is the Colosseum as it is now. What you see is the underground where the beasts were and where the christians or gladiator were. The ground of the field is gone.








This is an old painting of gladiators


same thing.


scenes of hunting.March_15_2000_15

This is the explanation of the plastic of the city at the time of Christ


The first list are the monuments that we have now the second list are those gone.


This is the symbol of Rome the wolf and Romolo and Remo the founders of the city. The legend says that they were milked by the wolf.


The Colosseo

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