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Sunday 3/13/2000 the Pope John Paul II  acknowledged openly the mistakes done by the Catholic church in the past ages.

Such as: crusaders, holy inquisitions, indulgences, Galileo and so on.. It was an open admission that the apostasy was a reality, that the Protestants were right to protest the Catholic church, consequently all the Catholics should ponder this event.

John Paul II was and is aware that continuing to deny the evidence of the past apostasy was useless because the History is before of everybody. Doing this he is trying to show a better part of his church and his humility, on the other hand it becomes clear that his church was not guided by revelation but by simple arrogant men, that they had anything to do with Our Father in Heaven. By this, people should ponder on the meaning of the word "Restitution" that is found in the Bible in act 3:20-21

And he shall send Jesus Christ, which before was preached unto you. Whom the heaven must receive until THE TIME OF RESTITUTION of all thing, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all prophets, SINCE THE WORLD BEGAN.

You will not find the word "reform" in the Bible. So the catholic church admitted by his leader that they did great sins in the past.

Well I want to thank John Paul II for his humility and wisdom. It was time for a leader of the Catholics to acknowledge openly the tragedies of the past.

These are page translated in english. If you will no find those pages in the future you could ask  me them because i will have in my personal files

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