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Restoration of the last Adam By Lynn

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Note: I wrote this essay in 1978, seven years before I was introduced to the restoration gospel. I truly marvel at the Lord’s ways. The Psalmist was so right: “....For there is not a word in my tongue, but lo, O Lord, thou knowest it altogether.” --Psa.139:4

There is much restoration gospel in this essay.


Lynn Ridenhour

"....For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive...So it is written: ‘The first man Adam became a living being'; the last Adam, a life-giving spirit."
I Corinthians 15.22,45 (NIV)

I'm convinced, the Body of Christ doesn't understand the significance of the LAST ADAM; nor the term, Son of Man. Not fully.

Contributing to that lack of understanding is our need for discernment concerning covenant relations. Again, generally speaking, the Body of Christ lacks revelation pertaining to Biblical covenants and their impact upon the Church corporately as well as individually. And how they affect us on a day-to-day basis.

To put it another way: Truth flies on two wings: praise and ethics. It's the ethical side of truth that God wants to restore. Bring us back to.

Ironically, Sunday "church-going" and habitual meetings have been the worst enemy to establishing covenant relations with one another. That's why God has cursed America's brand of Christianity (allegiance to church-going) and will within our generation raise up an entirely new [testament] expression of Christianity. We don't need another revival, another move of God; we need a change of expression of Christianity altogether, specifically Christian communities where the saints enter into covenant relations with other families. That's different.
The world will respond with what we have to offer them (Christ) when Christians unite in covenant
expressions, "fleshing out" God's grace in community lifestyle [Jn.17]. The new covenant was established to bless families first living together in community and covenant [Gen. 12:31.]

Covenants and the Last Adam: let's tie the two together.
To begin with, we must remind ourselves--God does nothing except through covenant relations. God has always moved in history through covenants. Whether we begin with Adam, move forward to Noah, then to Abraham, to David, to Israel, to the Church, or to Jesus, the Son of God--it matters not. God was working in covenant relationship with his people.
For our purposes, we're interested in the first and the last covenant; the first Adam and the Last Adam. This is not an essay on covenants; this is an essay on the two Adams. Specifically, the restoration of the Last Adam.
So the question becomes: what did the first Adam have? What did he lose? And what did the Last Adam have? What did he restore? How am I affected? Directly or indirectly? Now or later?

To answer that, let's go back to....

The Garden:

Where the first covenant was given.

"....God blessed them and said to them, 'Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground."
--Gen. 1:28

This was the first contract God made with man: the dominion mandate. God told Adam to--be fruitful. Increase in number. Fill the earth. Subdue it. And rule it. A five--fold command. God has given the earth to man and the mandate to "fill it" hasn't changed. Even the Psalmist said, “…The highest heavens belong to the Lord, but the earth he has given to man" (Psa.115:6). That verse was inspired by the Spirit after the fall.

The earth is ours to keep.

Why does God want man to "fill the earth?" To subdue and rule it? One reason: so that his glory can "cover the earth as the waters cover the sea" (Hab.2:14). God's purpose has always been to start small (in the garden) and end big (the whole earth). His glory was to spread from the garden...and spread and spread. God's intent is to populate his earth with his kids! His Sons (Heb.2:10). Not one sinner will be left. God will redeem all of creation, call it back into submission; land, sea, and soul. Man and land.

Man’s Project:

Adam had a project and so do we. Adam means 'Man.'
Adam's project was the garden. God put man in charge of the garden to guard it. By the way, "garden" means guardian--something that has borders. Adam had a family and he had borders to guard. Adam, in other words, had a priesthood and so do we: our family. (We're to guard our family.) He was put in charge of his garden; we're put in charge of our family. That's our project. We start out small with God; however, the command was to...

Extend These Borders:

The Lord said to " fruitful and to multiply.” That does not mean merely to have children. It means--extend your influence. We're to extend our influence in the earth. Our jobs as Christians are to be blessed. It's part of our covenant inheritance. Our businesses as believers are to be blessed. It’s part of our covenant inheritance. Our lives as Christians are to be more influential in society than sinners' lives. Our family's influence in the community where we live is to extend...and extend. To reach out with gracious favor. Until ultimately God and his kids “....fill the earth" with his goodness.

And it all begins with Adam. God said in effect, "....Adam, turn the whole undeveloped earth into something that glorifies me." You say, how in the world could Adam do that? Simple: create a population explosion! (Why not. Moslems and Mormons are doing it!) Adam put the plan in motion. Through covenant relations God continues through history with his plan of attack. He advanced from making a covenant with Adam (the first family) to Israel (the first nation) to the Church (a holy nation).

God covenanted with each. For example, Adam and his family began the population explosion in the garden. Israel, especially through Abraham, carried on. God promised that Israel would populate the earth as "sands of the sea" and "stars of the sky." They truly have too! Israel is scattered throughout the whole world. And finally, God covenanted with the Church to really begin a population explosion. How big of an explosion? Matthew twenty-eight says "....go into all nations!" Make disciples of all nations. Take the gospel of glory into all nations. That's the whole earth. And obedience to that mandate will cover the earth with his glory. It's the Church's job to carry on what God began with Adam. So God's mandate with Adam in the garden to "fill the earth" is still in effect. Very much in effect. We are, indeed, to rule the earth.

You say, aren't you forgetting one small thing? What? The fall! The fall changed all that, didn't it? No. The fall changed none of the above.

Let's examine....

The Fall and the Devil’s Gospel:

Ok. Then what happened in the garden?

Well to put it literally, Eve bit into the Devil's gospel. The Devil has a gospel (he preached it to Eve) and he preaches it every Sunday in most pulpits in America. It's truth without the Spirit! That's subtle. Believe me, that's subtle, but subtlety is the Devil's nature (Gen.3:1). The Lord said the Devil is "....more subtil than any beast of the field....”

We don't think of the Devil as being subtle.

Someone asked--where would you look for the Devil if you were to go searching for him? And one brother replied, "....Well, that's easy. In the bars, of course." Not so. The Devil doesn't hang out in bars. That's the flesh of man craving to be filled with the joy of the Lord. That's what Paul said, "Don't be drunk with wine; be filled with the Spirit" (Eph.5:18). Most people drink because they have no joy. Alcohol is a counterfeit for the filling of the Spirit. And joy.

No. He hangs out in churches. The Devil is usually found behind the pulpits on Sunday mornings preaching the truth without the anointing. That's the Devil's gospel: presenting truth (usually to Christians)without the Spirit. And the Church as a whole has fallen for it.

It does so much harm. The Devil's gospel causes people to substitute the Bible for God, to love the Bible instead of Christ. To mistake correct information for inspiration. Logos for rhema. To falsely assume--if we have the word of a thing, we have the thing itself. We mistake the Shadow for the Real. Reading (and preaching) the scriptures without the Spirit brings only the knowledge of good and evil, which actually brings death.

It creates a people that are more concerned about "being right" than rightly related. The ultimate fruit is: division and sects. Generally speaking, the more Bible a person knows, the meaner he gets. The natural man loves religion (Isa.1).

This is all eating from the wrong tree; it's eating forbidden fruit. (And it's eating at the heart of America's Christianity.) It's a trick of the Devil. This is what the Devil fed Eve. And she "bit into it." Believed it was the gospel. Instead death came forth.

Our churches are full of death. And the Devil's gospel.
God, deliver us.

In the garden there were....

Two Trees:

I like what Rick Joyner says,"....Satan did not tempt Eve with the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge just because the Lord had made it taboo. He tempted her with it because the source of his power was rooted in that tree."
--There Were Two Trees, p. 1

How true.

There is devilish power in believing that you can learn
truth without a revelation from God. The world falls for that line every day. And, sadly, the Church has too. Go to some seminary and learn truth; attend a seminar; listen to your pastor; read a book; put on a tape.

How many trees were in the garden? Genesis 2, verse 9 says:

'And out of the ground made the Lord God to grow every tree...the tree of life also in the midst (center) of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. "

There were many trees in the garden but two dominated. They were in the center of the garden. The Tree of Life and, of course, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Verse sixteen says the Lord God "....commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden, thou mayest freely eat." I like that. Adam and Eve were to....freely eat, to fill up. Stay full of life. Eating from that tree was to keep them physically and spiritually healthy throughout eternity. There was no dichotomy in the garden between the spiritual and physical. Eating food was to keep them alive forever more. The food was both spiritual and physical. Spirit, soul, and body were truly connected.

What did the two trees in the center of the garden stand for? What did they represent?

The Tree of Life represents the Spirit and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil represents the Truth. Jesus said an interesting thing in John four; "....true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and truth....” (verse 23). Jesus said another interesting in John fourteen; "....I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life; no man comes unto the Father except by me" (verse 6).

Question: how do you learn the way? How do you learn the truth? And how do you learn life?

Truth is learned by REVELATION; the Way is learned by SUFFERING; and life is learned by EXPERIENCE. Revelation, suffering, and experience: there is no other way to Jesus. (The Devil wanted to short-circuit these three passageways to God.) Jesus said he was all three. And there is no other way to the Father than through revelation, suffering, and experience. You don't "short cut" these passageways to God.
That's like the Devil. He's an imitator, always trying to cut corners. Cheat us.

These three expressions of Christianity are central to our understanding--and our walk with God. And God will see to it that you learn all three. Again...

The Way equals suffering.
The Truth equals revelation.
The Life equals experience.

Jesus said he was all three (Jn.14:6).

The Devil's gospel to Eve was, "....Don't believe that, Eve. You can get to God by knowledge. You don't need a revelation. You don't need the value of suffering. You don't need to wait around and learn the experiences of life. You just need to know the knowledge of good and evil."
Eve literally bit into the Devil's gospel. And so have we; so have a lot of people since.

Isn't it interesting, today we have Christians in America who know very little of the value of suffering. But Jesus said suffering was invaluable. He learned obedience through suffering. He suffered on the Cross for your sins and mine. Suffering purifies.

Today we have Christians who know very little about the value of rhema. I'm convinced the most misunderstood verse in the Bible is Romans 10:17: "....So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." Let me tell you what the verse means to many:

....Faith will build in your heart by hearing good
... Faith will come by listening to tapes.
....Faith will come by scripture memorization.
....Faith will come by hearing the Word of God.

That verse says none of the above.

Read the verse. It does not say that faith comes by hearing the word of God. It says, faith comes! Stop right there. That's the first step, the first thing that must happen in the spirit world. That means you don't have faith unless…it comes. Faith must come to you! Are you aware, you can only have faith after it comes to you? Not before.

Second, the verse tells how faith comes. " cometh by hearing...." You've got to be able to hear! Again stop right there. "He that hath an ear, let him hear....” (Rev.2:7). Third, do you have an ear? That's what the verse is implying. "He that hath an ear..." meaning there are some who do not have an ear. Some can't hear. Are you equipped to hear? If faith would come, could you hear? Do you have an ear? And, if so, is it "in tune?"

I'm serious. Jesus said, "My sheep [not lambs] hear my voice." That's a promise. If you're one of those who frequently say, "But I never hear God!" Then maybe you don't have an ear, or you're a lamb without the Spirit, without the Baptism in the Spirit. Sheep are anointed to hear. Lambs aren't. One thing's certain: "My sheep hear my voice."

Are you hearing God on a consistent basis? Weekly?
God has to give you an ear so you can hear! Then faith can come. Two things must come: "Hearing comes....” And "faith comes....” We should love to be around those believers who say, “....the Lord spoke to me....”

What's next?

How do faith and hearing come? Let's read the verse. "So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. " Now what is the "word of God?" Again, stop right there. It's not the Bible! It's not listening to good preaching. It's not memorizing the Word. It's the rhema. Let's read the verse from the original Greek: "....Then faith is from hearing, and the hearing through a word of Christ." That nails it. You can't have faith until you have "....a word from Christ." A word. A specific word. Not the Logos. Not the scriptures.

That means claiming the Logos is senseless, useless. Let me say something. "Claiming scripture" has always been powerless and soulish, bordering on modern-day pop psychology and New Age techniques. The saints of old never "claimed the promises." They never memorized the Word. They trusted the Spirit to bring to their remembrance what they needed to say (Jn.14.26). We trust in formulas and gimmicks.

Let me say it again--the early saints never “claimed scripture promises." They “....received the promises....” (Heb. 11:17). They saw the promises (Heb.11:13). They received them in a figure! (Heb.11:19). That's totally different. That's rhema! That's spiritual activity. That's of God.

0, God, help us. So many of us are flirting with the Devil's gospel by "claiming scripture" and "confessing the Word." It's New Age flirtation coming from the realm of the soul. Not the spirit of man and God. And it's very subtle. To more than a few conservative Christians, this kind of teaching borders on offending them. If not making them mad.

Better to offend. And possibly provoke unto righteousness.
Let's get back to the two trees. Then how do we learn truth if listening to sermons and claiming scripture promises and memorizing the Word won't do it?

Isaiah knows.

"Whom shall he [God] teach knowledge? and whom shall he make to understand doctrine?" --Isa.28:9

God tells us.

"Them that are weaned from the milk [of the Logos] and drawn from the breasts [the letter of the two testaments, old and new]." (verse 9)

In other words, whom does God teach? Those who hear the rhema of the Word! Those who get a specific word from the personal Christ. Isaiah continues....

"....For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little. For with stammering lips and another tongue will he speak to this people. To whom he said, This is the rest wherewith ye may cause the refreshing; yet they would not hear. But the word of the Lord was unto them precept upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little; that they might go, and fall backward, and be broken, and snared, and taken." --Isa.28:9-13

Let's summarize what the Spirit is saying through Isaiah. First, I've always heard this particular passage presented in a positive, not negative, light. (Isaiah presents it in a negative light.) I've always heard preachers say that God gives truth "....precept upon precept, line upon line.” And we're to expect it " a little, and there a little.”
Not so! Not for God's children who walk in rhema. We're to eat freely from the Tree of Life. From the realm of the Spirit.

The passage says "....But the word of the Lord was unto THEM...” Who is "them?" Those who wouldn't receive the refreshing. "....they would not hear." To those who won't receive doctrine and knowledge through stammering lips (through praying in the Spirit; through travail and revelation; by rhema)--to "them" truth will come "…here a little, there a little, " a little at a time. The results? Doctrine and knowledge will cause them to "fall backward" and to be "snared."

The Law will snare you every time! And you'll actually go backwards spiritually. For example, my wife and I had some dear friends whom we hadn't seen in about ten years to stop by the house one morning quite unexpectedly. Of course, we were delighted to see them. But we noticed, they had fallen backwards. Had been snared by the truth. When we last saw them they were moving in the Holy Ghost with freedom, moving under his anointing. The other day we noticed--they were back to truth without revelation. My wife remarked, "John and Jean have actually regressed in
the Spirit since we last saw them."

Why? They're legalists. Been eating from the forbidden tree for ten years. Not receiving the rhema of the Word. Thinking they can learn doctrine and knowledge simply by reading the scriptures.

God's children are not to receive doctrine and knowledge "line upon a little and there a little." We're to eat freely from the tree of life! That certainly is not "here a little and there a little." God has given us an open invitation to stuff ourselves! To stay
full of life.

0, the grace of God. Then who is a Christian?

The Psalmist tells us. Those who have the high praises of God in their mouth and a two-edged sword in their hand Psa.149:6). Who is a Christian? Those who eat from both charisma and character, Spirit and Truth, law and the prophets, spiritual gifts and spiritual fruit. A Christian can only properly minister truth once he's stuffed himself--after he "eats freely" from the tree of life. Otherwise, he pulls out his sword and starts killing. Truth will kill everything—and everyone--in sight.

All across America Christians are killing one another with Truth, bringing divisions, because, like the secular world, we've bit into the Devil's gospel. We've not eaten freely from the Tree of Life. We think we can preach truth without rhema. Take the world. It's full of the Devil's gospel. Remember, the tree was the tree of the knowledge of GOOD as well as evil! There are movements and philosophies of all kind out there for the good of humanity. Movements that teach what's good.

Example: institutions of higher learning, for one. I teach in one of the local secular colleges. I hear it all "....But professor, that's just your opinion. You know what’s good for you; we know what’s good for us.”

What's going on here? It's the forbidden fruit speaking. Institutions of higher learning " the name of liberality and open-mindedness" teach that truth is relative. That eventually you will become educated enough to decide what's truth on your own. It's rare to hear a student ask, "But what does God think about all this?" In fact, I’ve never heard the question come up.

Another example: tv talk shows. Usually Oprah, Donahue, or Geraido will have as guests those who represent the "fringe," the alternative lifestyle. Then the next hour consists of those opposed and those in favor, with the audience in between. The set up is predictable. Within a few minutes the pro and con get into a heated argument (it helps ratings). They polarize the issue, and the hour ends with someone saying, "…Well, you have a right to your lifestyle and I have a right to mine. If you want to crossover dress, that's your privilege, but it's not for me."

Again, what's going on? It's eating fruit from the forbidden tree again. Each of us is wise enough to determine what's best for us; to know right from wrong. We don't need God to tell us.

One other example: media gurus, local six o’clock newscasters. The majority of them are anti-God, anti-Christian, and anti-church. They propagate the New Age philosophy; of course, they do it very subtle-like. For instance, you would think re-cycling your cans is a spiritual exercise--to hear them. All the newscasters, it seems, are into re-cycling these days. Environmental causes (tree huggers) give the impression, caring for the earth is a manifestation of true spirituality.

It's not.

It's a manifestation of eating from the wrong tree: I can find my own spirituality; my own way to God. It's a manifestation of the Devil's gospel. Of finding truth without God.

Talk shows, men and women's movements, philanthropy causes, charitable causes, seminars, politics and environmental causes--they're all the same. They eat from the wrong tree. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It's the Devil propagating good without God. How subtle.

All these movements and causes came by death via the fall. The allusion is--they're all for the good of humanity.
Then what did Adam lose? He lost his dominion mandate and the true gospel. He lost the way to the Father. He was run out of the garden and he lost his priesthood.

Now the question becomes--What did the Last Adam restore?

Let's see.

The Last Adam:

Jesus said an interesting thing in Matthew 18:11. "....The Son of Man is come to save that which was lost." I've heard many a "soul winning" sermon on that verse. But the verse is not talking about winning souls. Jesus didn't say he came to save WHO was lost. The verse says he came to save THAT which was lost. What did Adam lose? What did he forfeit? His:

....priesthood (only Jesus can restore families)
....increased influence (only Jesus can exalt you before men!)
....extended borders (only Jesus can extend your borders; that is, cause you to prosper beyond your family economically, physically, emotionally and spiritually).
The restoration of the Last Adam brings up the issue of squatters' rights. It also raises the question--how much of Christ's restoration is future and how much can I appropriate now?

Take the issue of squatters' rights. I said in the beginning of the essay that the fall of man changed nothing. That is, God's mandate still stood even after
the fall. How can that be? Squatters' rights.

A squatter is someone who holds a temporary claim on property until the rightful owner returns. The Devil was granted squatters' rights to this earth until the rightful owner, Christ and his Sons, returned. All power and authority was given unto God's Son when he came to earth and he transferred that power and authority to his brethren immediately before the ascension (Matt.28:18-20).
We, as his Sons, have the permanent deed to this earth! It was signed at Calvary. The Devil must give back his temporary rights. Yes, the fall changed nothing. The Last Adam restored it all.

Let's look at....

The End of Adam:

“....And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil; and now, lest he put forth his hand., and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever. Therefore the Lord God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken. So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cheribums, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life." --Gen.3.22-24

What's the Spirit saying?

Notice, God took a flaming sword which turned every way and which kept the way of the tree of life. God takes a flaming sword and burns everything from the east out of you! God placed a cherubim at the east of the garden. Everything that comes from man and the Devil comes from the east. Adam was driven east--away from God. Directions in the Bible have spiritual meaning. North means the enemy. South means a backslidden state. East means everything that pertains to Adam (Man) and Satan. And west means the way of Christianity.

Question: which way do all false religions worship? To the east. Which way do most temples face? East.

Question: which way has Christianity always traveled? West. Begin with the birth of Christ. The wise men came out of the east travelling west. Trace the history of Christianity's movement. It traveled west from the Old World to the New; from Europe, the cradle of the reformation, to the United States.

God is saying to Adam. You want back into paradise? This time you must travel west! You must go my way. This time I'm putting my cherubim at the east-end of the garden. You'll have to go through him and head west before you can reach "....the way of the tree of life."

What's the Cherubim?

What do cherubims do? We know very little about seraphims. We know a little more about cherubims. And we know a lot more about angels. The cherubims' job was to guard the mercy seat and protect God's glory. God is saying to Adam--Adam, you want back into paradise? All your ways must be killed, must be burned out of you in order for you to understand my mercy and my glory. You know nothing about mercy and truth and grace and glory. You know nothing about the weightier matters of the law. You bit into the devil's gospel, Adam. He lied to you and told you that you could know truth intellectually. That was enough. Are you ready to return to paradise?

Remember, Adam means Man. The same is asked of us.

What did the Last Adam restore?

Christ brought mercy and grace and truth and God's glory back to the earth. John said, "Grace and truth came by Jesus Christ" (Jn.1:17). Truth is never Truth unless it’s soaked in Grace.

Adam's soul must die; that is, the first Adam must come to the end of himself. His ways will not do. He must re-enter paradise through a fiery storm, much like the shuttle re-enters the earth's atmosphere. God's flaming sword must be applied to Adam's heart, the very core. God must burn out his evil ways—which is really religion.

Why did the Cherubim have a flaming sword? To get “one up” on Adam. Adam had a sword, had been using his two-edged sword, taking truth and killing all who got in his way. God needed a bigger, more powerful sword. The flaming sword to kill Adam. As I said, everything of the east must be burned out of Man.

So Man re-entered paradise and learned of "....the way of the tree of life." This time he learned God's plan of salvation. God's way. Doesn't that sound familiar. "The Way." Jesus said, I am The Way. What is Christ's ways? Knowing and understanding Truth mingled with mercy and grace and forgiveness and God's glory.

0, praise the Lord for Truth mingled in mercy.

The Devil's gospel is merely: Truth. No mercy. No grace. No glory.

God's gospel is: Truth mingled with the mercy seat, guarding his glory.

Do you think the Devil is interested in guarding God's glory or showing mercy? Not for one minute. He is merely interested in killing you and me with the Truth. He's interested in you killing me with the Truth.

God said to Adam, I'll let you back into paradise. But this time you'll understand what it means to eat freely from the Tree of Life. You'll understand The Way this time. People will look upon you as an object of my mercy and my glory.
When I'm through with you, you will be a display of mercy, Adam. God is looking for Men of Mercy. A Man of Mercy.
Take Paul, the apostle. He, indeed, was an object of the Lord's mercy. Killing Christians for a living! Even small children. I'm sure, when people saw Paul coming, I know they shook their heads. "…Look at that man over there. He used to kill us. Now he's one of us. What an object of God's mercy."

Yes, they shook their heads.
The same can be said of us.

And that's what the Last Adam restored: grace and glory and mercy--mingled with Truth. The Devil had stripped the gospel of the weightier matters of the Law.

One last thing...

The Fruit of the Devil’s Gospel:

"....hiding from the presence of the Lord.... " (Gen. 3:8)

There is one place we can hide from God's presence. Adam and Eve hid from the Lord's presence. And so can we.
You might be thinking, I don't know if I buy that. Doesn't the Psalmist say, even if we make our bed in hell, God would be there (Psa.139:8). Where in the world can a person hide from God?!

Adam and Eve found a place (and it's the only place I know of) that people hide from his presence. They hid themselves "....amongst the trees of the garden" (Gen.3:8).

How clever.

Hiding from God's presence in the work of the ministry!
More than a few do it by turning the ministry into a profession.

For Adam, taking care of the trees of the garden was taking care of the Lord's work. God had put him in charge. That was Adam's ministry—the Lord’s work. That was also the place where God communed with Adam, " the cool of the day. " The word "cool" can be translated, "Spirit." “....In the Spirit...." God walked in the garden [in the ministry] with Adam. I've seen it time and time again. People seem to get numb once they enter the ministry! They become desensitized. What do they do? As long as they can stay busy (activity becomes a defense, a wall and a shield, against the anointing; it's a “cover up” for the Spirit's presence) they can stay protected against God coming too close.

I have ministerial friends who are shocked when "so and so" leaves the ministry because of a spiritual visitation. Don't be. Typical scenario: some of the minister's flock find God and begin to share the reality of the Spirit's presence moving in their lives. Trouble begins in the church, people begin polarizing--and before long, the minister is selling mutual funds. God got too close! The minister couldn't hide in the garden [ministry] any more. He heard the voice, "....Adam, where art thou?"

I understand. The minister built his entire ministry around the Devil's gospel: creating good-hearted, respectable people who are community-oriented. Earn a reputation as hard working and community-caring. Create committeesand serve on causes.

This is all the fruit of the Devil's gospel.

The minister not only bit into the Devil's gospel, but he's now bearing its fruit: turn the ministry into a respectable profession. Sooner or later God will visit.
When the Holy Spirit visits, everything gives way. And it should. Adam and Eve couldn't hide forever in the trees of the garden. And neither can we.


We began by mentioning the covenants. How is the last covenant better than the first? How is Jesus, the Last Adam, better than Adam, the first Man? The Hebrew writer mentions a "....better covenant" (Heb.8:6).

Let me answer these questions with a question: how did Adam and Eve fellowship with the Lord God? Through the tree of life; that is, by remaining obedient to the Lord's commands.

Again, how is the last covenant better than the first?
Which would you rather love and come to the Father through: a tree or Jesus? (No, I don't mean to sound facetious? I'm serious about the question.) I don't want to have to continue to eat from a tree to fellowship with the Father. Also, under the first covenant God walked in the cool of the garden once in a while. I don't want a God who comes around once in a while! I want a God that comes and stays!
Jesus came and stayed! Not only stayed but he took up residence. In my heart! Now I can drink of his blood and eat of his flesh! I can partake of the Father through him. Not a tree.

Another thing. Trees offer shadows. Isn't it ironic? The Devil's gospel offers the Shadow of Reality. Christ offers Reality. The old covenant is the shadow of the new.

Yes, Jesus is present all the time and there is no shadow of his turning. He's there all the time.

The restoration of the Last Adam.

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Adam's progenitors

Massimo Franceschini Adam's progenitors?

Secret paradise

Massimo Franceschini Secret Paradise

Hidden truths in the Bible. Volume 1

Hidden truths in the Bible. Volume 1