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Home LDS Writers THE DECEIVER POWER by Francisco X.S.Santos (Amoramon)

THE DECEIVER POWER by Francisco X.S.Santos (Amoramon)

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Lucifer, you have tried to break my resolve to quit following you in order to obey my God. I know that you hate me forever and will be working all the days of my mortal life to pull me down to hell! In fact, you hate not only me but everyone who loves God. Your work is to make all men as miserable as you are. God, our Father in heaven and His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ are trying to do just the opposite. They are working to help man to become as glorious as He is. But neither the work of God or the Devil can succeed without man´s consent.

I give thanks to my God for the existence of the Devil. He was cast down from Heaven to make war with the sons of God on earth for a season. And it is because of his power to deceive and entice men to do wrong in order to separate man from God that my Savior is able to work out my salvation. Therefore, I bend my knees and confess that Jesus is the Christ, the Redeemer of my soul, and acknowledge that all the judgments of God are just. And because He is also merciful, He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to bring to pass a work of infinite importance. This is a work that is entirely done by the grace of God and is absolutely independent of any work performed by man. Because of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, all men will be resurrected and be brought before God to face His judgment.

At that time, all men, whether good or evil will be free of Satan's terrible power that subjects our bodies to the tomb. In this we see the grace of God applied in full force for the benefit of all who have lived, whether it be before the resurrection of Christ or those who have died since then.

And because of this, I feel to shout, How just thou art, my God! How magnificent is Your grace among all men which You have given us through Jesus Christ, Your Son, who has said: "I go to my Father and your Father, my God and your God," thereby clearly teaching us that we are the sons and daughters of the same Father who lives in heaven.

Now I ask, was Jesus saved by His own grace or by His works? And if it was by His own grace, then why did He work so hard to save us? If our own personal works are not important, then why did He invite us to follow him, if by confessing His name man would be immediately saved through His grace? The Bible says that Jesus was saved by the grace of God the Father, but, since the Bible also says that Jesus had not committed any sins, then why did He need to be saved, and from what was he saved?

Although Jesus never sinned Himself, yet He willingly took upon Himself our sins thereby subjecting Himself to the same consequences of sin that we must suffer, which is the penalty of death, both physical and spiritual. But this was not by accident. Before the earth was even created, He was chosen to bring about the atonement of man. He Himself explained that He had been commanded by His Father to perform this work, and so He willingly subjected Himself to bleed and suffer on the cross until God the Father had accepted the work of atonement in its fullness. It was only then that Jesus said that the work was finished.

But the great deceiver was not ignorant of this plan and so he set about implementing an elaborate a plan of his own to deceive man from accepting Christ's work of salvation. And he did this by working through the very scriptures that God gave to show us the way to eternal happiness. He knows these words by heart and so he is constantly seeking to find ways to deceive everyone in an effort to get them to deny the understanding God has given us through the enlightenment of the Holy Ghost.

But how could he deceive those who hold God's holy Melchezedek Priesthood, especially those who have read and understand the words of Christ as contained in the Doctrine and Covenants where it says that the work of God is one eternal round? That means that the word of God never ends and that it goes on forever. And if that is so, then how is it possible to stop God's works?

But the Devil is very capable and puts forth his own false priesthoods. However, man cannot be deceived unless he gives Satan that power over him. And man does this through his indifference and rebellion against the commandments of God. Even so, he will be held responsible before God for the power he gives to the Devil.

Instead of adding to the power of Satan, God calls man to work with Christ by obtaining and using His priesthood for the purpose of strengthening His Church and to make His work among the children of men prosper. God gave man the honor of working with Him on His plan to save us, but He has also given us the freedom to decide for ourselves if we want to work with Him or not.

If we do not fight to overcome the Devil by learning and remaining true to the word of God that is verified to us by the Holy Ghost, we will be subdued by the forces of Satan because his knowledge of God's plan is far superior to ours. And with that knowledge, he seeks to confuse and deceive us into misunderstanding what God has told us.

Let me tell you of a partial victory I had over the deceiver. I had received a letter from someone who called himself a Christian who said that all members of the LDS church are lairs who spread heresies and he expressed to me his feeling that he doesn't want to associate with any of us. It was his clear intention to put me down privately in his message.

When I told others what this person said, the Deceiver whispered to me: "You have no right to publicly use words that were written to you in private!"

But I answered him saying, "How can it be private since he wrote these words before you and God and all His angels as well?

The Deceiver insisted: "You have just proved that you and all with whom you are associated are hypocrites for you wrote to him that you loved him after the hard words he used to express his aversion to your faith and works."

Again I answered: "I know for sure, because of the testimony of Christ, that you and all who are associated with you do not understand the love with which I wrote to him who tried to offend me. Jesus said that we should love our enemies by doing good to them. So, what better way could I do that than by communicating to him the knowledge of the restored gospel that Jesus gave to me by His Spirit?

The reason why I tell of this struggle I had is to illustrate that unless a person has consented to be guided by the Deceiver or the influence of one of his followers - knowingly or not - Satan can have no power over them.

Fortunately, we've been told that the devil cannot read our thoughts and every man has received the Light of Christ which allows each of us to discern the difference between right and wrong. Since demons cannot read our thoughts they are also cut off from receiving that sacred Light which God has given us. That is one reason why the devils cannot repent and be saved.

Paul warns us of the perils of being deceived by the power of the wicked one who surrounds us everywhere we go. Because of this, there is no way to avoid the power of the Deceiver except by following the path that God has established, which is to obey the gospel with its ordinances and covenants to God.

We must always remember that God wants us to see in the light those things that the Deceiver wants to keep in the dark.




What should a priesthood holder do when he hears someone says Joseph Smith is a liar and all those who believe on him are hypocrites who spread heresies? What do you say to a person who says: "I stand on the shoulders of giants who have come before me. Do I think they are correct? Yes, in fact I do. I do not believe that you have the same faith that the apostles had. In fact, I believe that you have received a different gospel, one built on the guile of one man, Joseph Smith, one that props up men and not God - one that relies upon your works to save you, instead of solely on the sovereign grace of God - one that induces you to believe that you will become a God, contrary to what the Bible says. This is no restoration of the old gospel, it is an entirely new Gospel".

This person has been completely deceived because it is to man's benefit to hearken unto the voice of God, not man. The Bible tells us that without faith it is impossible to please Him. But we need to be careful, for we must exercise the kind of faith that pleases God and not the kind that offends Him. And what kind of faith is that? Certainly it will be one that has faith in accepting a prophet who is called by and authoritatively speaks for God.

There are those who follow the teachings of men the world calls "giants" or great heroes, such as those who began the Reformation. However, in the gospel the only truly great hero is Jesus Christ. All other men, whether they be the Presidents of Nations, Generals of militaries, or even the leaders of any church on the earth, are but as children before God.

The "giants" of the Reformation indeed fought against false teachings and were guided by the influence of the Holy Spirit to break the spiritual chains of Catholicism in order to give dignity of life and liberty of choice to men. But these men were not prophets who spoke for the Lord, as did Moses, Isaiah, Peter and Paul. God didn't send them His angels. As such, they were not called to restore the truths of the gospel that had been lost, but were used as tools to prepare the way for that restoration. These "giants" didn't understand the purpose of their lives or the limit of their authority. As such, they were as much involved in the confusion of their day as the people they protested against.

Although Luther was able to point out the apostate doctrine of the Catholic Church and break the power it had over people, yet he didn't have the divine authority to properly organize the Church according to the wisdom and power of God. Because of that Luther created a chain of authority with himself at the head to govern his new church. I have all of this written in my book "Jehovah, Jesus and Judaism." You can find it on the home-page of my website.

This person also said to me "God put an end to the mess that the Devil wreaked when He sent Christ to die on the cross. My salvation was accomplished there, completely. It needs none of our work to complete it. I need know no special handshakes or chants. I need perform no rituals. Christ completed my salvation at the cross, period. That is the faith that the apostles had and that is the faith that was tossed aside by Joseph Smith.

I'd like to take the opportunity to answer these things by asking him a question: Does not Satan still have the power to drag people down to hell? Does not Satan still lead people away from the truth of the gospel? After all, that's what you say has happened with my religion. Then how can you say that God put an end to the mess the Devil wreaked when He sent Christ to die on the cross when Satan is still able to keep people from being saved?

And what about your "giants" of the Reformation? Did they not say that the Catholic church was teaching false doctrine about how to obtain salvation? The Catholic church taught that works were necessary for salvation but Luther said that isn't true. If Luther is right then for centuries people were being deceived into believing a false concept of salvation. Therefore, how can you say that Christ's death on the cross put an end to the mess that the Devil wreaked?

But if Luther was so right in what he taught, why don't you belong to the church he started? If it is because you don't believe that the Lutheran Church is teaching the correct doctrine, then they must be teaching false doctrine. So it seems to me that the Devil has found one more chance to introduce false doctrine into the world and he has done it by the use of the very men you call your spiritual giants!

Let me ask another question: Were any of your so-called giants authorized by God to speak in His name? Luther held the priesthood that he received from the Catholic church. If the Catholic church is not God's church, then it's priesthood is not of God either. If the priesthood which Luther had through ordination under the hands of Catholic priests and which he fully believed in was from God, then how come you no longer believe in the need for having a priesthood? Was Luther deceived on this point or are you? If Luther was deceived then that means he had no authority from God to change doctrine since he just took it upon himself to do it. I wouldn't exactly call that being a spiritual giant.

You would probably say that he didn't need any authority from God because all he needed to do was read the Bible himself to see what God's word said. Then, let me ask you another question: Where did the prophets of old get their authority? Did they get it from reading and studying the Bible? Can you show me in the Bible where even one prophet of Israel got his authority to preach the word of God by this method?

The reason I ask these questions is not to insult or demean you. No! I want the same for you that Jesus wants for all of us, which is to know the Deceiver as He knows him and be able to silence him with the knowledge that comes from the Spirit. This is what makes someone true giants of God.

It is not you that I speak against but the work of the Deceiver, who has been teaching false doctrine before the time the earth even existed. I speak against that evil spirit whose supreme desire is to kill as many people as he can by preventing them from having eternal life. As such, he is a murderer. He not only wants to kill us physically, as he had done with all the prophets of God, including Jesus Christ, but his desire is to kill us spiritually.

My intention is not to condemn you but to help you from putting your faith in false doctrines that are taught by men who have become subjugated to the great Deceiver. These are the men who hate the words God speaks through His holy prophets. Like the Pharisees of old, they claim to reverence the words of the dead prophets but kill the living prophets for the words they speak. Jesus said of these people that their father was the devil (John 8:44). My intention in saying this is to help you from making the same errors they did.

Get rid of the lies the devil has told you and come serve God according to His ways, not according to the ways of man. There is before you two choices. You can either believe God and despise the devil or love the devil and despise God. But you must beware because the devil, that great deceiver, will make you think you love God and despise the devil all the while you are doing exactly the opposite. And it is in this manner that he carefully drags your soul down to hell. But there is a way you can free yourself from his awful chains and Jesus said that it is the TRUTH that will set us free. And what is the truth? In all ages of men, the wicked glorify those who preach according to man's wisdom and condemn and kill the true prophets who speak for God.

You have glorified the heroes of the Reformation and have called them "great" yet I have shown you that they taught false doctrine. At the same time you do this, you despise and condemn God's living prophets. But you have been so deceived that you cannot see what is so plain and obvious.

You said, "I do ask the Lord for guidance, daily. Why do you think He has not baffled me?"

It is not God that baffles people but the devil. The problem is that you are baffled but fail to see it. You call the men of the Reformation "great" but how great can they be when you yourself don't follow their teachings? You say that you ask the Lord for guidance daily, but how can you listen to the whisperings of the Spirit if you prefer to listen to the false teachings of the Deceiver? How can you hear the words of God when you refuse to listen to those whom He has sent to give you His word?

The reason why you are so firmly convinced that we teach another gospel is because you view us from an entirely different doctrine than that taught by Christ. The only way any one can come to know the truth about God is when they humble themselves before Him and acknowledge their weaknesses to Him. It is only when we have a humble heart and a contrite spirit that God then opens our eyes to His Word and closes our ears to the deceptions of the devil.

You say that I am a hypocrite and a liar but this is because the adversary has told you to say this and not because it is true. You want to destroy the faith of anyone who thinks different than you and that is because the great deceiver knows very well that we have been commissioned by Jesus Christ to teach the true faith in God in all the Earth. That is why he seeks to destroy this work. And the way he does this is by turning everything upside down. He calls that which is good evil and makes people believe that evil is good.

To maintain the true faith in God it is necessary to be guided by living prophets. Without prophets people begin to be tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine devised by man and the Deceiver knows this. That's why, in every century, he works to close the minds of men to prevent them from accepting God's holy messengers. During the dark ages he was very successful at doing this and that is why God needed to restore prophets on the earth again.

But the devil uses the free agency that God has given to man and has built the foundation of a great Church which had influence over all the earth. When God worked to break the strangle hold this church had over the minds of men so that He could prepare the way to restore His true gospel, the great deceiver flooded the earth with many false churches in an effort to confuse and weaken people's faith in Christ. It is in this way that he has the power to deceive the world and prevent man from accepting God's work of restoration and to lead people away from God's one true faith, one true baptism and one true Church. What a terrible and evil plan!

But God's plan cannot be frustrated. Despite all that Satan did to prevent it from happening, God once again sent a prophet to the earth whose name was Joseph Smith and revealed to him the words of other ancient prophets that are written in the Book of Mormon. More than this, He restored His Church with its true priesthood that has the authority to officiate in the things of God.

But this is not all. He has once again sent missionaries forth into the world to teach the gospel to every nation, kindred and tongue and has poured out His Spirit so that those who are truly seeking God can find him. Jesus said it best when He said, "My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me" (John 10:27).


Francisco X. S. Santos

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