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Historical prophesies of the Jehovah's witnesses

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I am not writing this article to fight or to debate. I have this information  from the Watchtower and Awake that I consider interesting to take note. Since he purpose of these publications is to be read, what I am doing is just to make every people able to read them, consequently I am doing a favor to the them. I will not comment them, probably I will some little remarks were it will be necessary.

Extracts fro the Watchtower (I am translating from la Torre di guardia in italian, so probably if you compare the original in English could be little bit different, but I will translate every word literally so the sense it will be the same, even I will post some pictures of the material in my hands so people could find a better translator and have a better understanding.

Question: What are the characteristics of a true prophet?

Watchtower of 5/1/1973 pag. 263

Micah was surely a true prophet, he satisfied the three fundamental needs

1) He spoke in the name of God

2)His prophecies were fulfilled

3) His prophecies were useful to turn the honest people to the true God.

Watchtower 10/1/1952 pag. 298

"How the true prophecies can be show true so we can await the fulfillment? The Bible itself gives the rule to determine if a prophecy is true or false....the prophecy must have in some way a fulfillment.

We see that the true prophets are those who their prophesies have a fulfillment, especially when a date is fixed, in fact we know that many prophecies of the Bible are not yet fulfilled because they are referring to a distant future, but when a time is appointed, like the seventy weeks of Daniel and so on they are supposed to be fulfilled at the right time.

Who was the first president of the Jehovah's witnesses?

Watchtower 12/15/1973 pag. 750

J.F. Rutherford was the second president after C.T. Russel to pag. 746-747 it is written:' Soon after Russell and several others begun to gather weekly to study with prayer the the end of their biblical study of Russell in Pittsburgh their become  affiliated to the group of Barbour, and Russell became writer for the Herald. to which he gave even his financial contribution.

So we see that Russell was the first president of the Jehovah's witnesses.

What are his studies of the scriptures?

From his book "Studies of scriptures'" volume two pag. 170 it is written

"The next chapter will show the Biblical evidence that 1874d.c. was the fixed date for the times of restitution and therefore of the second coming of Our Lord"

Russel therefore gave us the date for the second coming of the Lord in 1874.

What Russel said about the Kingdom of God?

"Millennial dawn" volume 4 pag. 622 it is written

"His influence and action will produce the complete destroying  of the powers of which are of this present evil century, political, financial and so on....... until the end of the gentiles' times and that is October 1914 a.d.


volume 2 pag 99 it is written.

The final end of the kingdoms of this world and the complete beginning of the kingdom of God will be fulfilled in the end of 1914 a.d.


"Zion's watch tower" of 7/15/1894 it is written

We have to keep in mind that the end of 1914 it is not the date for the beginning but for the end of tribulation.

"Studies of scriptures" volume 3 pag. 228 it is written.

The freedom of the saints must happen some time before of the 1914, it is evident, since the freedom of the carnal Israel, like we will see, it is established that it should happen in that time, and to the angry nations will be then automatically commanded to be quit and silent, and they should acknowledge the power of the anointed of Jehovah. We are directly informed of how much time before of the 1914 the last living members of the Christ's body will be glorified, but surely this it will not happen until their work in the body will be fulfilled, neither we can reasonably presume that they will stay a lot after their work is done."

So Russell fixed the date of 1914 like the end of the kingdom of men and the beginning of the Kingdom of God.

Watchtower of 12/15/1973 pag. 749 it is written.

"Anyway, for years, the biblical students had declared that the 2520 years of the gentiles times, or fixed times of the nations would have an end in 1914."

Question: Who are the biblical students mentioned here?

Watchtower 12/15/1973 pag 750 it is written.

the year 1931 came and the biblical students gathered in the congress of Columbus Ohio. There they decided the resolution to take the biblical name of "Jehovah's Witnesses"

We know that their prophecies, mentioned above, never were fulfilled.

What did, then, mister Russell?

"Studies in the scriptures" volume 3 pag. 228 it is written.

He changed the phrase "before of the 1914" in "after the 1914"


from the "Finished mistery " pag 485 it is written.

Also in the 1918, when God will destroy the churches and their members, who will escape they will look to the writings of Pastor Russell to understand the meaning of what is going to happen."

Pastor Russell changed the date but even this one didn't work!

What was the next step to cover this problem?

After Russell came Rutherford. In his book "God's harp" pag. 236 he wrote

"There are two important dates, that we don't have to confound, but understand clearly, that is, the beginning of the time of the end and the presence of the Lord. The time of the end embraces a period from 1799 a.d., like we said above, until the time of the complete overthrow of the Satan's empire. The time of the second presence of the Lord, given from 1874, like maintained above. These physical facts are not disputed and are sufficient to convince any reasonable person that we are in the time of the end from 1799. From 1874 there is the time of the second presence of the Lord.

We notice that Rutherford denies Russell on the date of the end "fixed in 1914" replacing it with "a time of end (period) and confirming the 1874 like the data of the invisible return of Christ.


Even Mr. Rutherford did some prophecies and gave dates.

"Millions now living will never die" pag. 88 it is written.

"We are confident that 1925 will see the coming back of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the faithful prophets of old, in particular manner of those mentioned from Paul in chapter 11 of Hebrews, to the condition human perfect."


"In this regard Rutherford made an announcement to the media to have built in San Diego, California, a wonderful villa, the cost was just 75.000 dollars in the twenties, using the founds given from the believers. Here he should have guested all the patriarchs, that according to his personal opinion would have been resurrected. He resided in that villa until he died, the patriarchs never came!

Watchtower 9/1/1922 pag 262 it is written.

The date of 1925 is still more sharply indicated in 1914 and the watchtower of 1/1/1925 pag 3 it is written.

"The year 1925 is here, the Christians are watching to this year with great anxiety. Many are awaiting with surety that all the members of the Christ's body in this year will be transformed. That could happen"

This prophecy was not fulfilled.

What justification was given?

"Vindication" volume one pag. 338 it is written.

"There was a great delusion between the believers of Jehovah regarding the years 1914, 1918, 1925....later they learned to leave aside dates for the future and  to preach what should happen in the future.

We notice that even though they decided to avoid to give dates and prophecy, they later changed their mind.

"Eternal life in the freedom of the Sons of God" pag 29-30 it is written.

"According to this well done biblical chronology 6000 years from the creation of man will finish in 1975, and the seventh period of 1000 years of human history will begin in the Fall of 1975a.d.... How it could be appropriate that Jehovah God will make this coming millennium a sabatich period of rest and freedom.

Even the Watchtower of 2/1/1969 pag. 83 it is written.

"We suppose from this study that the battle of Armaghedon will be completely over in the Fall of 1975, and the Kingdom of God will start then? It is possible, but let's await to see how much the seventh millennium of the human existence fit strictly with the kingdom of God. If these two periods go together with the calendar, it will not by chance but it will be accordingly  the purposes of Jehovah. Our chronology anyway is well done ( not Infallible) and this is clear that in the Fall of 1975 there will be the end of the 6000 years of the human life. It doesn't mean necessarily that 1975 marks the end of the first 6000 years. Why not? Because after the creation of Adam, He lived for a while in "the sixth day" and this period is unknown. We should subtract from 930 year of Adam , to determine when the sixth period was over and how much time Adam lived in the seventh day. Anyway the end of this sixth period or day could happen even the same year of the calendar. It could have only a DIFFERENCE OF WEEKS OR MONTHS, NOT YEARS.

Further from "Awake" 4/22/1969 pag 13-14. It is written

Even thinking that the lads of 15 years old would understand enough to have a meaning of what it happened in 1914, today the youngest of this generation would have always almost seventy years. The great majority of the generation to whom Jesus was referring is already dead. Those that are still alive are very old. And you should keep in mind that Jesus said that the end of this evil world would have happened before of that generation would be dead. We can say with certainty in another way that we are living in the last few years of this "Time of the end" Daniel 12:9. The Bible shows that we are going fast to the end of the 6000 years of human history. What is the meaning of this? Revelation 20:6 shows that the celestial kingdom of God will begin on earth for 1.00 years after the end of this world. That millennium will bring a rest on earth and on all of them who will be there.....therefore the first 6000 years from the creation of man could be compared to the first six days of the Hebrew week. How it could be appropriate if God, following this path, will put an end to the unhappiness of mankind after 6.000 years of human life . This PERIOD WILL END IN 1975

There are no doubts the Jehovah's witnesses were sure that in that period this should happen. At least like they wrote in the Watchtower of 2/1/1969 it could be a difference of weeks or months, NO YEARS.

This is their well done chronology, sorry but it in Italian. I was asking to many to give me a copy of the English version but they were sorry. It was just put out of print after few months, when clearly the prophecy was not fulfilled,





They believed that the Millennium was starting in 1976 and Armageddon.... we don't want to express any idea. the only thing that we suggest to do is just to review the whole chronology because now it is sure that it is not well done and all the date should have a new view.




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