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I was driving my car on the freeway Pisa Florence. I was coming back from a fireside kept in Pise from elder
Didier. We were tired, it was 11pm.In the car there were 7 people: me, my wife, my 2 kids, 2 missionaries and an investigator. We were happy about the time we had in Pisa. Suddenly we found a long truck on our way and I decide to pass it, the free way was empty no traffic jam at all. While I was passing it there was a bang and I was unable to keep the wheel steady. The car begun to move around notwistanding I kept the wheel with all my power. I was able to pass the truck for few inches but the car went to hit the guardrail that like a bow sent the car in the opposite way, fortunately the car passed in front of the truck without hit it, but there was a field under the free way, about 6 feet deep, the car jumped at about 85 miles per hour ( in Italy the limit on the free way it was at that time 90 miles per hour) in this field hitting the ground with the roof and after was turned around and stopped on its wheels. A terrible silence was there, I was the only one awake, all the other people passed out. My wife was not in the car and my 2 kids too. I found them 10 feet away from the car. The car was literally destroyed. When the police came they found that a tire blowed out and that caused all the problem.Only my wife was in severe conditions all the other people, included my children were perfectly healthy. In Italy at that time there were not seat belts. My wife stayed 2 weeks in the hospital but at the end she was perfect like before. All the other people were OK. I was always wondering who opened the doors for my wife and specially for my kids, my children were in the back of the car and the back door could be open only from outside. The policemen said that to be alive after that crush and seeing the condition of the car, I'd say like the picture that you will see under, it was a real miracle. I felt and I am sure that somebody opened the door for my children, they didn't' have any scratches, I felt that somebody was taking care of us, I can't tell you who he was but...........

This incident occurred while I was on my mission in Florida in 1971. My
father was driving a Ford Diesel Flat Bed truck from Tooele, Utah back home
to Pleasant Grove and there he had a very scary experience. He was driving
along about 70 mph and he said that the spirit told him to put on his seat
belt, (he never used his seat belt back in those days, it was rare anyone
did). He didn't listen because he thought there could be no problem since
there was no traffic what-so-ever. Then the spirit told him again to put on
his seat belt. He still didn't do it. Then the spirit told him with little
patience to put on his seat belt, this time he did. Within 5 minutes the
front tire blew out and the cab over the engine came loose in the violent
shaking and he found himself looking straight down at the pavement and
couldn't see where he was going. He then saw dirt and he realized that he
had gone off the road at around 60 MPH and would surely crash. The truck was
bouncing all over the place because of being off the road and the blown
tire. The next thing he remembered was that he was now outside the truck and
he looked inside and found that his seat belt was still fastened. He
apparently was knocked out by the experience and was protected by his
guardian angle by being helped out of that terrible accident which could
have easily been fatal. Can you imagine being jerked around like that and
not having a seat belt on. He would have almost surely been ejected from the
truck and possibly run over. We must be sure that we don't shut off those
promptings by disobedience to Gods laws.

I definitely believe that we each can have a guardian angel.

Jerry Gurr

This is deep. but one thing we can all say is that God is always
there when we need him most. The attached picture of a car
accident is one of several that were taken by a professional police
photographer. after developing the pictures of this accident scene, the officer found
what looked like to be some type of a figure in one particular picture.
Thinking it was a problem with his camera or its film, he
performed tests on both. They checked out PERFECTLY!

Take a look....Oh, I forgot to mention.....the people in this car



I am not saying that this picture proves that the figure is an angel, I am posting here because it is an interesting picture, I don't need a picture to believe in angels, the Bible is full of angels coming on the earth, helping people in every way


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