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Letter from Publio Letulio, governor of the Jewish,(precursor of Pilate) in which the appearance of Jesus are depicted to the emperor of Rome.Translated from the Latin original that is kept by the Cesarini family of Rome.

"I have understood, Caesar, that you desire to know what I am starting to tell you,there is a man here, in which lives great virtue, called Jesus Christ, which the people recognize as a prophet, and his disciples honor Him a divine being, and they acknowledge that He is the Son of God, creator of the sky and of the earth and of all the things that are therein. In fact Caesar, each day we hear marvelous things concerning this Christ: He resurrects the dead, and heals the ill with only a word. He is a man of correct stature, and very beautiful of appearance . He has majesty in His face, and those that contemplate it are forced to love and fear Him. He has the hair of the hazelnut well ripe, which extends until the ears, and from the ears to the shoulders it is of the color of the earth, but more splendid. His hair is parted down the middle according to the custom of the Nazarene front the hair, and a face without wrinkles or stains,accompanied by a modest [color]. The nostrils and the lips are impossible to describe: the beard is thick,and is similar to the color of the hair, not very long, but apportioned. His countenance is very dreadful and serious, and he has eyes like the rays of the sun and nobody could look at them, and nobody can stare at Him , because of His shining presence, and when he admonishes the people, He weeps. He is loving and he is happy with a tone of seriousness, they say that nobody has ever seen Him laugh, but cry. He has very beautiful hands and arms, many are content in conversation with Him, but he is seen rarely, and when they locate Him, He is very modest in appearance and in presence.He is the most handsome man that anyone could imagine,with similarities of the mother, who is the most beautiful young woman that anyone has ever seen in this Country. But if your majesty, Caesar, desire to see Him, as you have noted in past letters to me , let me know, and I will send Him immediately. This man of whom I speak astounds Jerusalem with His wisdom. He has not ever studied anything, yet he knows all the sciences, and he walks barefoot without anything covering His head, many laugh at the sight of Him, but in His presence , and in speech with him they tremble and are confuse. They have never seen nor heard of such a man like Him in all the Land. In fact, according to the Hebrews, they never heard such counsels,and great doctrines, like this Christ is teaching and many of the Jews acknowledge Him divine. They believe Him, but many others argue, saying that he is against your majesty, Caesar. It is said that He has never done anything to make any person feel sorry, but albeit all those that they know Him, that they have tried Him, they say they have received blessings and health. But when your majesty, Caesar, will be ready, when you command me it will be done. from Jerusalem on the seventh, of the eleventh moon.

.To your majesty from your faithful and obedient servant

Publio Letulio governor of the Jewish

Under this title the weekly magazine "the truth" published in Jerusalem, gives us on November 1911, a news quoting a document stored in the national library of Paris, which contains suggestions that the cardinals gave to the Pope JuliusĀ  third, when he was called as Pope in the year 1550:

Between all the suggestions that we can give to your holiness, we hold the most important for the last one. We must keep well opened eyes and intervene with all the power we have in the following business." The reading of the Gospel must not be allowed as less as possible, specially in the modern languages and in the country submitted to your authority. The few readed, generally to the mass,it should be enough and we must forbid to whosoever to read more.

Until the people will be glad of that few, your business will prosper, but in the moment that it will be readed more your business will suffer. This is the Book that more the all others provoked against us rebellions and storms that for few didn't destroy us. In fact if somebody checks accurately the teaching of the Bible and he compares it to what happens in ours churches, he will discover pretty soon the contradictions, and see that our teachings often are very different from the teachings of the Bible, and more often are in opposition to It. If the people will be able to understand this, will provoke us without rest, until everything will be discovered, and then we will become the object of the mockery and the universal hate. It is necessary, therefore, that the Bible be taken of from the hands of the people, but with great prudence, to persuade the people against violence.

Are you able to realize why these 3 pictures are related to our church? Take a close look and look for little tiny clues.






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