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Old Testament: biblical frame

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The Bible is a book, or better a compilation of books completely different from any other. Usually a book has a specific topic. It could be an historical book, a book of law, poetry and so on. Rarely a book contains more than a topic or more than a purpose in it.
The Bible is a law book, all the nations are in some way related to its law. The Bible is an historical book. In Job psalms and other is a poetry book and even a philosophy book. Surely prophesy is abundant in every book. In the epistles doctrine is defined.
So the Bible being a collection of books is completely different from any other book. The new testament is contained in the Old : in the prophesies. The Old Testament is contained in the New: in the fulfillment of its promises.

THE BOOK OF beginnings.
Eight different beginnings. Number eight means a new cycle and Genesis is clearly a new cycle.
There are seven ( complete ) great characters and meanings in Genesis
Abel, connected with blood sacrifices or atonement
Enoch willing to walk with God or obedience
Noah and the flood or baptism
Abraham and his FAITH
Isaac digging wells means the continue search for something precious
Jacob became Israel after fighting with the Lord to obtain a blessing.
Joseph faithful until the end.
Practically The Abel's sacrifices represent the faith in the coming of Messiah. Enoch walking with God is a man searching for His confidence by the prayer and the next step should be the baptism. After that the faith of Abraham is required. Knowledge will come by searching or digging, after that the plan of God is completely unveiled like Jacob climb ladders and saw God. Joseph is the example to endure until the end. From Adam to Noah
Adam means Man
Seth means assigned Genesis 4:25 and she bare a son, and called his name Seth: For God, [said she], hath appointed me another seed instead of Abel, whom Cain slew. Therefore He took the place of Abel.
The son of Seth was Enos and his name means mortal, fragile, 
Enos begat Cainan that it means sorrow, complaint
Cainan begat Mahalaleel that it means blessed God from the word Mahal "blessed" and el "God"
Mahalaleel begat Jared from the word Jaradh that it means go down
Jared begat Enoch that it means "teach" in fact He was the first preacher of four generations of preachers.
Enoch begat Methuselah that it means "his death will bring"
Methuselah begat Lamech that it means "complaint or sigh"
Lamech begat Noah that it means "rest".
Now if we put all the names in a row or better their definitions in a row we will have:
Man, assigned, mortal, sorrow, blessed God, will go down, to teach, and His death, will bring, sighed, rest.
In other words:
Man was assigned to the sorrow of death, but the Blessed God will go down to teach that His death will bring the sighed rest.
What a wonderful piece of work! This isjust one message inside Genesis.
Noah warned mankind for 120 year ( the sum is three) a perfect time to repent and 3 times 40 the perfect maturity. In this context is interesting to note that was raining 40 days and 40 nights ( maturity) The flood is an example that the judgment of God rested on mankind until the complete maturity. Eight people survived (new cycle).

this book contrasts Genesis like the New Testament contrasts the old Testament. Genesis explains the fallen of mankind, Exodus is a book that explains in which way mankind could be won by the adversary but redeemed from the power of God by a prophet.
It is interesting to note that Exodus gives us the complete organization of the church from God to mankind. Abraham represents the Father in Genesis. Isaac represents the obedient son (Jesus) and Jacob represents the Holy Ghost, He had his name changed after he was fighting in prayer to gain a blessing and only by the Spirit is possible to converse and understand the will of God, Jacob won and gained his blessing. Israel beget 12 children that not only represent the twelve tribes of Israel but even the twelve apostles. Exodus 1:5 says that his descendants were seventy and they represent the missionary body. At this point in the verse 7 ( complete) scripture says that they became numerous but the next verse eight ( new cycle) speaks regarding a new Pharaoh arised and he didn't know Joseph. Like in every other age Satan was working. It seems strange that this Pharaoh didn't know Joseph, I mean historically. Egyptians were always good clerks for historical facts how could this king ignore the Joseph's history? Well if we keep on mind that the word " to know" in Hebrew it meant also " to love". we can have the feeling that this king knew about Joseph but didn't love his race. The problem, probably, was because the Hebrew never mixed with the Egyptians, they didn't want to lose their identity like chosen people. This was used by Satan to put fear in the heart of this new king and this fear generated hate and oppression. It is interesting to note that the Deliverer was Moses. His name means "saved by the water" and he was a pure Levite, in fact his father and his mother were both Levites. So Moses came from the tribe that should administer the priesthood and He was saved by the water (baptism). It is also interesting to note that Moses saved his people temporally and the levitical priesthood has just temporal power, even though Moses had the Melchisedec priesthood still the church body of his time didn't have it but just the levitical order.
Moses is a perfect example of how mankind can find the different maturity in his lifetime.
He had 3 cycles in his life, all of them of forty years
40 years to think he was somebody
40 years to learn he was nobody
40 years to learn what God can do with a NOBODY
see Hebrew 11:23-29
It is also interesting to note that in genesis God gave to Noah the basic laws for mankind Genesis 9:2-7
while in Exodus 20-24 God gave specific laws to his chosen people, because they are His special treasure.

It seems evident from many insights that the first set of tables contained the Gospel, but the wrong behavior of Israel was the reason why Moses destroyed the tables and God gave a NEW set of them. To better understand this point I suggest you to read "Gospel".

Leviticus or book of atonement.
Genesis explain the fallen of mankind, exodus how God can save his people by a prophet, Leviticus how the people should worship Him.
This book shows also the love that God has for his people, even in temporal sense. The laws and prescriptions for health are a real proof that God takes care of His people not only spiritually but also temporally. Leviticus is a book of feasts all of them by seven
every seven days a Sabbath
every seven years a sabbatical year.
every forty nine years there was a jubilee.
Pentecost was seven weeks after Easter.
On the seventh month there was the feast of trumpets, tabernacle and atonement.
Pentecost lasted seven days like Easter.
the book of failings.
The Hebrew were at eleven days from the promise land but they didn't show faith in the Lord and so they had to go back in the wilderness for other forty years.
This book could be called also the book of murmurings because from the beginnings to the end it is filled with a spirit of rebellion. This is what God had to say on this in Psalm 95:10
At the beginning, the journey from Sinai to Kadesh was a jubilant one! Then came sad doubt and delay. Hesitant Israel was plunged down into the wasting years of wilderness wanderings. Sadly Moses reminded them of it. Deuteronomy 2:14 They were 38 years before that generation was gone. 3 perfect and eight new beginning always the numbers tell us what is going on. Even Moses was close to see the promise land but he made a mistake. This is a great warning for us. God loved Moses so much but He had to pay for his mistake like everybody else, so we have to think about this, God don't' do gifts but just blessings and that means that you work for them you don't receive them for free.

Deuteronomy or the repetition of the law.
Observe to do, is the word to the people.
This is a second witness for the people, always God gives at least a second witness. This book is intended also to go deeper and explain everything in more details. It is not by chance that Jesus used this book to answer to the devil when He was in the wilderness. This is the book about obedience.
Chapter 28 is a prophetic chapter in which God shows to Israel what they could obtain by obedience or disobedience. Verses 47-47 are speaking about the Roman invasion under Titus. Verse 63-67 describes the Jews of our day and in the verse 64 is prophesied their scattering everywhere in the world.
No rest for them in these countries verse 65
sorrowful The Jew today has a trembling heart. Think of the way he has been treated in many countries 65-67. God foretold it.

He was one of the spies who dared to believe in God. He was 80 years old now (8 new beginning) (twice forty the same age when Moses begun to lead Israel, He had a double maturity like Moses). Also 80 it shows us the beginning of a new cycle, or dispensation f Joshua
Joshua is the Book of Conquest. This book relates the settlement of the children of Israel in Canaan.
It is interesting to note that the span of time in Judges is 350 years the sum is 8, a new cycle, in fact after their dispensation we have the time of the kings. In this books are described seven apostasies that they brought Israel to be dominated to seven heathen nations and seven ransom. Like always the numbers are impressive 3 cycles of seven. Nothing is by chance, the reader can find new clues to better deep the topic.

The beginning of the kings. We have Saul and David. I always asked to myself:" Why God has chosen Saul as King?"
In Saul there are many things important to discern. Israel wanted a King against the God's will. God always respect the free will so He gave them. Saul at the beginning had the moral quality and above all had what the nation the people wanted. He was tall, handsome and so on, I believe that God gave them the kind of King that they coveted. After in Saul people will discover all the defects that a king could have to create problems and occasion to sin. After him we have the choice of David. He was the choice of God and in his choice Samuel explains how God works. He was a Shepard and this even symbolically explains how the leaders should be good shepards. In David we have the perfection of this calling. Even today David is acknowledged as the King of Israel and the Messiah is his offspring. The final failing of David is the demonstration that even the greatest, when they leave the hand of God, can fail.
He was the faithful preacher to Hebrews in Babylon. The interesting thing is that he prophesied that their country, their city, their temple would have been restored to them. But since he prophesied even for the last days, his message was even for the Hebrew scattered abroad in the last days. Not only he prophesied the building of a temple in the last days but also He gave all the sizes and measurement like he received from the Lord. It is also the prophet that more than anybody else prophesied that a book or story should coming forth in the last days and that by this one the people will understand and will be consoled. We find few of it in the Gospels and in the epistles, in fact being this book apocalyptic we have more analogies in Revelation. Like John, Ezekiel saw trough the centuries the fate, not only of Israel but of the entire world and if it seems not understandable it is only because he is pushed to explain the events and things that he didn't possess the right words to describe them. He was contemporary of Jeremiah who prophesied to the Hebrew in Jerusalem and of Daniel who prophesied, like him, in Babylon to the court of King. The difference is that Daniel was deported in Babylon in 606 b.c., while Ezekiel 8 or 9 years later. For this reason I love to think that he knew personally father Lehi and probably he saw his departure.

Contemporary of Ezekiel, not only his book is full of hidden knowledge but also contained a great example of wisdom and righteousness of the writer. Ezekiel compared him to Noah and Job Ezekiel 14:14
God honored him in his requests or prayers. God sent to him special angels with the exciting words:" I came for your words!" Daniel 10:12
God did show His power in him but he never took that honor for himself. Daniel was like Joseph in Egypt a candle of God which shined in heathen places. He was respected and listened from all the kings who served and no doubt Cyrus was influenced greatly from him. Probably Daniel did show him the prophecy of Isaiah regarding him and this gave him the opportunity to fulfill that prophecy regarding the temple in Jerusalem. Daniel articulates the time of the human history. He gave the exact time for the coming of the Messiah, after that he prophesied that in 2300 years the sanctuary would have been purified and therefore prophesied the end of apostasy and in the closing chapter gave us several important clues regarding the second coming of the Lord.

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