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Prophesies in the Book of Mormon

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(C) Copyright by Massimo Franceschini all rights reserved

The Bible is a book universally acknowledged as the book containing the prophesies and the word of God. Even who doesn't profess to be Christian must in some way admit that its words were revealed right in the course of the centuries. The Old Testament is full of prophecies that they were fulfilled in the New Testament and there are several unfulfilled because they are peculiar for the latter day. The true believers are awaiting the fulfillment of those prophesies and they are looking forward with the eye of the faith to see the fulfillment of theses.
Being the Book of Mormon a similar companion, at least for the latter day saints, it shouldn't be weird that this book should contain some prophesies.

many of these are contained even in the Bible, and this is perfectly natural, many prophesies of the old testament are contained or referred by the new testament and nobody maintains that they are copied, usually is said 'the new Testament is QUOTING'. I would say the same for the Book of Mormon.
The First prophesy of the Book of Mormon is regarding itself
1 Nephi 6:18
When in 1830 the Book of Mormon was published many people were thinking:" in few years this book will be forgotten. It is interesting to note at this point, that nothwistanding the fights, the persecutions and the martyrdom of the prophet, this book is still and growing everywhere.So this prophecy is literally fulfilled.
1Nephi 13:30
Always considering the 1830 time this declaration is extraordinary. That time was the beginning of the conquer of the west with the consequential seemingly destruction of the lamanites (redskins). A declaration like that seemed don't have a very good luck to be fulfilled, instead the creations of the reservation and the support given from the future United States permitted to realize the fulfillment of this prophecy. In an Italian magazine 5 years ago I found this declaration:"In the United States the redskins are growing numerically, according the last census they were 800.000 people in the 1970 and in the 1980 they were 1.500.000. No bad!!!
1 Nephi 13:39-41
For me there is no doubt here it is prophesied the coming forth of the nag hammady library and the dead sea scrolls. It is interesting to note that the book of Mormon was found in the Cumorah Hill and the dead sea scroll in the hill of Qumran. Cumorah Qumran, sound almost the same.
1 Nephi 14:12
Same reasoning done for 1 Nephi 6:18 but with a difference, if this scripture was given by the proud, probably Joseph Smith could write"This church will be numerous!" instead, like in the Bible is speaking about a little flock but EVERYWHERE and this is what we have today regarding the church of Jesus Christ lds. When the missionaries came in Italy many people were laughing at but now we have about 20.000 people there and it is the same for all over the world.
1 Nephi 14:26
same like before regarding the dead sea scrolls
1 Nephi 15:19
In the 1830 the Jews were in full dispersion, it is true that even the Bible mentions the gathering but it is still true that the Book of Mormon support the same point.
1 Nephi 19:13-14
same like before, but here on my personal view is more clear, it seems like is speaking about the hate that Hitler had for them in the second world war.
1 Nephi 22:7
For me this is very interesting in the 1830 the United States were not significant in the world and nothing left to see that in the future they should replace nations like England, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, China and so on, it was only with the second world war that United States became the first power in the world.
1 Nephi 15:12-16
to connect to Isaiah 49:20-21 and 2 Nephi 1:8
2 Nephi 10:8,10-12
3 Nephi 20:29
Probably there are more prophecies in the Book of Mormon, anyway I guess that these should not be underestimate and they should be investigate.
I suggest to read Jacob 5:3-14 and compare to Romans 11:13-24 and Jeremiah 11:16

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