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Home Book of Abraham Special Section Source of the Book of Abraham, Namely the Book of Jasher, Identified?

Source of the Book of Abraham, Namely the Book of Jasher, Identified?

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Research by Kerry A. Shirts

Can critics demonstrate how the BofA is so close to Jasher as to show that Jasher is a source for Joseph Smith to use in writing his Book of Abraham? The two texts are nowhere close to the same, at all. It is, again, one thing to say hey Smith had access to sources (the only two you keep bringing up are the Koran and Jasher), it is entirely another thing to show that source A was used to get and write source B.


Has Nimrod as Pharoah


Not once mentions Nimrod


Abraham thrown in the fire


No fire mentioned at all; An altar, yes

Proper names in Jasher




Ur Casdim


Arioch, King of Elasar

Chedorlaomer plain of Moreh

Tidal, King of Goyim









Valley of Siddim

Proper names in Book of Abraham









Potiphar's Hill










Is it too much to ask that if Smith took from the Book of Jasher, to see some similarities between the two books? But other than the standard players, Abraham (called Abram in Jasher), Nehor, Sariah, etc., NOT ONE PROPER NAME IS ANYWHERE NEAR SIMILAR in the two texts. Why, if Smith used Jasher, would he not at least have something... anything, similar other than what is standard in the Bible?

The situation in Jasher of HOW the Pharoahs came to be called Pharoahs (the Rikayon episode - ch. XIV) is nowhere in the BofA.

In Jasher Abraham's birth is heralded by a star in the east. NOTHING like this is in BofA.

In Jasher Abraham was concealed in a cave for years during his childhood. NOTHING like this is in BofA.

In Jasher Abraham destroys his father's idols with a cute little trick of smashing them and putting the hammer in the hands of the one idol. When Terah comes home he is furious at Abraham, but Abraham said his fathers idols fought among themselves. NOTHING like this is in the BofA.

In Jasher Abraham is cast into a furnace, with others, while they died in the fire, Abraham roamed around in it for awhile. NOTHING like this is in the BofA.

In Jasher Nimrod is Abraham's antagonist. Nimrod is NEVER mentioned in the BofA as Abraham's rival.

In Jasher Rikayon, the wise man is given entire chapters, and eventually called Pharoah. (Ch. XIV) NOTHING like this is in the BofA.

In Jasher the explanation is given as to WHY the name Pharoah was started and why it was given to Rikayon, and how it continued in the land. NOTHING like this is in the BofA.

In Jasher an angel delivers Sarah, not Abraham. In the BofA the OPPOSITE takes place.

In Jasher it tells of Nimrod's very interesting dream. (ch. XII). NOTHING like this is in the BofA.

The overconcern about the Fathers in Abr. 1 is NOWHERE in Jasher.

The sacrificing of royal virgins in Abr. (1:11) is NOWHERE in Jasher.

Abr. referring to pictures of deities for our benefit (Abr.1:14) is NOWHERE in Jasher.

Egypt being discovered by a woman when it was under water in BofA (1:23f), is NOWHERE mentioned in Jasher.

The Patriarchal Priesthood being denied to Pharoah because his rule was through the matricarchal line (Abr. 1:25-27) is NOWHERE discussed or mentioned or hinted at in Jasher.

And of course, the GLARING DIFFERENCE in the two records is the three facsimiles with their explanations, is ABSOLUTELY FOREIGN to Jasher.

The discussion of the Premortal existence in Abr. 3 is ABSOLUTELY FOREIGN and NOWHERE mentioned or hinted at in Jasher.

The Council of the Gods in BofA is nowhere hinted at in Jasher.

The concept of all souls who come to earth was in the council of Gods and participated in it and each were chosen and called is nowhere even hinted at in Jasher.

So pray tell then, how is Jasher a source for Smith if Smith has apparently failed in *every* instance to capitalize on some of the rather interesting EXTRA BIBLICAL information in Jasher??? Critics say Smith used Jasher... They must PROVE THAT ASSERTION. It is not up to me... I claim Smith didn't use it, even though it may have been in his hands, he fails miserably to consider ANYTHING in Jasher in his own book. If there is NOTHING similar in the two books, how can critics say Smith obviously used one of them to get info. for the other?

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