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Special tribute

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Many people are writing good comments and good words about "The Bible and the Book of Mormon" I want to take an occasion to say thanks to all of them, but I have a special thank for a very special friend "Ron Cappelli".
I had a dream, about 3 years ago, to make a web page. I had Internet but doing a an lds page in Italian, specially 3 years ago, it would have been like to preach in the desert. My English was at the very beginning, it is not good enough right now so you could imagine how worse it was. By chance I found Ron's web page and I was moved from the spirit to send him an e mail. In few e mail we became friends, I admired him for his writings, I recognize in him a quality that I love. Usually we have many good writers, specially lds. Let me put this in this way. many good painters like in the renaissance, but Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raffaello, well they were above the average they had something the other painters didn't have. They had the genius creativity, fantasy, something real personal. They more than the talents had new ideas. Turning back to the lds writers on Internet we have many excellent painters, but on my personal opinion, like always the masters are not many, and it is usual, I hope that anybody don't take offense, I won't mention any name so everybody could think, Massimo it is speaking about me. Sincerely there are about 10 above the average. Those people have the gift. When the macht explodes his fire, that kind of light is the idea, brightening, shining, strong and very new. Those people have this kind of light. The other have the same talent in writing, maybe better in grammatichs, poetry, but still they are using what they have learned in the Books. And that is good, there is nothing bad in that, I am just trying to explain that Ron has this kind of new light in his talks. When I had the opportunity to make my personal homepage, humbly I understood that without an helper my English would have been terrible. I asked him if he could be available to review my articles to put them in a better English. He agreed. What a great blessing was. Each one of you should thank Ron, it wouldn't have been possible to have "The Bible and the Book of Mormon" like it it is today. Probably you would have an obsolete homepage, in which you should use the Urim and Thummim to understand my points. Even Ron has the knowledge to understand my points. His background in the church was the key for this. Sometimes he is critical on certain things, and that is good, I have a different background, language, and many other things, discussing with him help me to better understand the American mentality, infact my articles in Italian even though are the same topics, sometimes are richer, because I am writing to a catholic background. I want to give the credit that He deserves, we never met and probably we never will know each other personally.

This is a picture of his son shortly after he arrived at the Massachusetts Boston Mission home on November 11, 1998. Elder Cappelli is on the right, the mission President, Dale Murphy, is in the center, and his wife is on the left. this is  his web pages an excellent one.


elder.jpg (13149 bytes)

family2.jpg (13959 bytes)The picture on the left was taken in Dec. of '97. My wife Martha is in the background, her daughter Steph is in the front, my daughter Rachel is on the left and I'm on the right (Ron Cappelli)

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