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Hi, I was born in Italy 20 March 1950, in Prato, an industrial city, pretty close to Florence, about 10 miles. I  grew up in a very nice family. My dad (Raffaello) was a seller of wine, all my ancestors were until 1300 a.c. and also he owned a little restaurant. He is still alive at the age  of 91.

My mother (Fiorenza) helped in the restaurant, like I did until I was 13. She is still alive at the age of 85. I have 2 brothers. When I was 19 I was engaged with Teresa, my wife, she was 15.teresa.jpg (47346 bytes) I begun to work in a little company of deliveries. At the age of 20 I served for 15 months in the Italian army in a company of tanks. When I was 22 I got married and I changed company because I received a promotion.

At the age of 23 I had my firstborn (Daniele, he was missionary in Italy Catania mission 10 years ago).denny.jpg (87296 bytes)

At the age of 25 I had Claudio (he served  in Italy Rome mission 6 years ago)claudio.jpg (31721 bytes)

In the 1976 I met the missionaries and after 3 months of tough discussions I received my testimony and I was baptized with my wife on 12/17/1976. 3 months later, I had the privilege to baptize my mother.

battesmo.jpg (10616 bytes) nonna.jpg (55220 bytes)

2 months later on may 1977 I had a terrible car accident, a tire blew up while I was surpassing a long truck, I did hit the guard rail, I went across in front of the truck and I finish in a field 10 feet under the freeway. My wife was pregnant of my first girl, she was in coma for 5 days. The doctor suggested me to make an abortion, because she was taking strong medicine and he was fearing that, maybe,  my baby could be born with physical deformity. I didn't accept his suggestion, I took the risk. My wife needed several months before to be normal. My 2 kids remained only 2 days in the hospital, I was fine. By the way, during  that terrible night surely I did the best prayer of my life. I was fearing for the life of my beloved wife. At the end of the prayer I clearly heard the voice of the Lord:" Don't worry, she is going  be fine and she will be like before." I felt the spirit so strong that my fear disappeared in a moment. By the way it was at this time that I made my study about the Book of Mormon. At the end of the year Gaia was born, no physical problem for her and my wife perfectly health. (now Gaia is happily married with Shad Peck, she had a baby: Gabriele)

On September 1977 I received the Melchisedeck priesthood.babbo_mel.jpg (60586 bytes)

On March 1978 another miracle happened  in my beautiful life. My dad, at the age of 61 accepted the Gospel and was baptized in Pisa, during a conference meeting, from President Grincheri, now he is an authority general, I guess in Australia.nonno.jpg (46357 bytes)

At that time I was a branch President in Prato for about 5 years.

In 1978 I was vice manager in another company.

In 1979 this company was out of business and at that time I had my second girl: Ilenia. I had to do several different jobs before to find another company, in the same field, and when I found it I had to start from the beginning, the salary was very little.

I had financial problems, but I always paid my tithing, integrally. One day my little son Claudio ask me to buy a short pant for him, but I was out of money, so I had to say to him:" Sorry Son, but I can't ." He was staring at me and he said:" I know dad we are poor people" Man, I wasn't caring about that, but when I realized that my children were suffering because our financial situation, I felt so sad for them. I decide to go to the Lord in prayer, fasting. I didn't ask for money, I was asking to give me a better opportunity in a better job, I was remembering His sacred words:"and prove me now herewith, If I will not open you the windows of heaven.....".Well do you know what happened the same day, while I was fasting? In the afternoon, while I was working,  I received a calling from another city,  in the northern of Italy. An old partner in another Job told me:" My company is looking for a top supervisor in your city to lead the area, what you think about it?" I accepted, after the calling I went in a desert place, I knelt on the ground, and crying I thanked God for His love, I knew it wasn't by chance.

In the 1980 I was called like President of the Missionary work in the district of Florence. In the 1981 I received the calling like 1 councilor in the district presidency.

babbo_dis.jpg (85783 bytes)

In the 1982 the company I was working for failed, so I was in the same situation like few years before. I found another company I was manager like in the other one, but the salary was very small, they took advantage of my situation. Anyway in 1983 I opened my own business a little company in the same field. The start was terrific, in a good sense. In 1984 I had another wonderful experience in my life. My wife was born with a problem in her back. Although it was nothing terrible, it did cause her to begin to limp. We eventually decided to go see an American chiropractor by the name of Flogrey, who was a member of the church in Italy. After examining her, he said she needed to have surgery in a few months in order to get better. At the same time I felt a prompting from the Spirit to have another baby, but considering the situation I didn't say anything to my wife. But the prompting came again, so I shared the feeling with her. She told me she too would like to have another child, but didn't think it was a wise decision right then, for several reason. During this time I was in business for myself and she worked there helping manage the phone calls. When I thought about both situations I agreed with her that this would not be the best time to have another child. For awhile I was at peace with this decision, but in time the same feeling came back to me, so I again shared this feeling with my wife, Teresa. This time she said that if I would assure her that it was coming from the Lord that she would support me in my decision.

When the time came for her to have the surgery, she was pregnant. However, when the doctor examined her again, he saw that there was no need to go through with the surgery. For some unexplained reason her back problem had gone away and so had her limp. Although there was no medical explanation for this, we knew that it was a blessing from the Lord. With a grateful heart, my wife and I vowed to stay close to the Lord by seeking His guidance and advise in all that we did concerning the new baby.

While my wife was pregnant with this new child, I had the wish that the Lord would tell me the name I should give him (we felt it was a boy). One day, while I was walking on the beach, a scripture came to my mind. It was Enos 1:6 which read, "And I Enos knew that God could not lie." Then I had the thought that it would be wonderful if my child could likewise have this same knowledge. No sooner did I have this thought when suddenly the Spirit came upon me and I understood that was an answer to my wish. I talked with my wife and we both agreed that this boy's name would be Enos.

The delivery was set for March 1985, but one month before then, on the first of February, while I was praying to the Lord at the beginning of the day, a voice came to my mind which said, "Watch out Massimo, your child is dying." I knew it was the voice of the Lord, but I didn't know what I should do. I thought about rushing my wife and child to the hospital, but I wasn't sure what to tell them when I got there. Although I was quite worried I couldn't see any way to act upon the knowledge I had been given. That very afternoon my wife's water broke. Up until this time, she was unaware of what I had experienced because I didn't want to scare her with this information.

I met her at home and gave her a blessing, then hurried to the hospital. Although we had had other children, this was the first time she asked to me to be present at the delivery. I didn't want to do that, because I didn't like to see my wife suffering, but I decided to go just to make her happy. We wanted to offer a prayer before the delivery began but because there was a nurse in the room with us we were reluctant to do so. However, without any prompting on our part, she suddenly said that she would be gone for a few minutes, but that we shouldn't worry because we still had plenty of time, perhaps even hours, before the baby was due to arrive.

When she left we prayed. My wife prayed that is would be possible for me to be present when the baby was delivered, and I prayed that she might have a fast and safe delivery. As soon as we finished the prayer my wife called out, " He's coming! He's ready to be born!" Within two seconds after that the baby came out and both of our prayers were immediately answered. I was there when she delivered, and she had a fast and safe delivery with no pain at all.

Since we were alone in the room I begun to scream  "I need help! I need help!" because I wasn't a doctor and didn't know what to do. Fortunately a doctor rushed in and took care of the situation. Then he said something I will never forget. He said, "This new guy is very lucky. Look! The umbilical cord went around his neck twice. You can see that his face is violet. If you had waited one day more and he would be dead." I had known that morning that it was the voice of the Lord who had warned me, but now I had the proof. Although I didn't know what to do with that knowledge at the time, now I realized that the Lord was telling me that He would take care of everything and gave me the reason for why the baby was born so prematurely.

enos_born.jpg (39973 bytes)

This picture was about that time.

In the 1986 I was called again like branch president. In the 1988 I was called again in the district presidency like president of missionary work and after few months like first councilor in the district presidency.

In the 1989 I came here in U.S.A. to visit the historical places of the Church and sure many ex missionaries. My company was a very good company. In the 1990 I came again in U.S.A. for vacation.

At the beginning of 1991 I discovered that my business partner was trying to destroy me financially. When I realized this, I talked with my lawyer and came to the conclusion that instead us having a big legal fight in court, it would be much better if I sold my part of the company to larger firm. Although it was a complicated process, which I won't go into at this time, yet the Lord again took charge of the situation and in miraculous ways helped me find a very large company to whom I not only was able to sell my part of the business to within three weeks after meeting with my lawyer, but I also became General Manager in the same company. Because I relied upon the Lord for His help I was able to fix the problems my partner had created, and still kept my business without my partner's involvement.  

But that wasn't the end of things, because the Lord had other plans for me. Even though I didn't know it then, He was already preparing me to leave Italy and move to America. You would think that since I had my own business I would be happy, but just the opposite was true. I was so very sad because I was working hard all the time to build up my company, yet I tried to console myself by saying that was just the way life is. Then one day a thought came to my mind which said, "Why don't you go to the United.States of America and start a new life?" The feeling was so strong that I decided to share it with my family.

At our next Family Home Evening I told them my feeling and I asked everybody to express their opinion. After much discussion, we decide to fast and pray about it before we made any decision. I also talked with my Branch President, with my Quorum President, and with my home teachers to see what advise they would offer me. Strangely, the answers I received from them were all the same - that I should go to America. They also felt as though this prompting was coming from the Lord. What makes this so strange is that it has been my experience that usually the Church leaders strongly counsel the members to remain where they are and build up Zion in that part of the world.

One of my best friends at the time told me not to worry because he would help me. He said he had a friend in Los Angeles who would help me and my family. However, after two years I began to feel that he was not being honest with me. I told him I wanted to meet his friend, and he assured me that wouldn't be a problem. Trusting in his word, I went in Los Angeles, which cost me a lot money, and took all my vacation time to stay there fore three weeks, but nothing came of it. I never was able to meet the man I came to see.

When I came back from Los Angeles I told my wife that we didn't have a sponsor in America so there was no way for us to get there. She reminded me that we had prayed, fasted and done everything else  we could have done to know if this was what the Lord wanted us to do and the answer was always the same. I knew she was right, but I had done everything I could and hadn't had any success. If the Lord wanted us to live in America, He was going to be the one who opened the door because I had no idea how to do it.

At that time I lived in a building which had four apartments in it. Of those four families, one was a Catholic, one was a Protestant, one was a Jehovah's Witness, and I was a Mormon. The very next day after talking to my wife, a friend of mine who lived in the same building (the Protestant) told me that he felt sorry for my situation and said that he might be of some help He said he knew someone in Los Angeles who was a Bishop in my church. Furthermore, this man owned an Italian restaurant. My friend thought that perhaps this bishop could sponsor my wife as a cook. I offered him my thanks and said that I would try to contact the bishop, but I had very little hope that anything would come of it. For one reason, I was Italy and he was all the way across the United States in Los Angeles and I didn't know anything about him. Another reason was that my friend didn't really know this man very well himself. In fact, they hadn't even talked to one another for years.

Nevertheless, at one o'clock in the morning I made a call. When the man in Los Angeles answered the phone I explained who I was and why I was calling. As I talked he remained silent and when I finished he he said, "What I can say? I don't know you." I told him he was completely right, but that was all right because I understood the position I was putting him in.  He remained silent for few more seconds and then said, "Well, I don't know why, but I will do what you ask. Besides, I do need an Italian cook" He next gave me the phone number of his lawyer and within two years we obtained a green card.

There are some who will say that these things happened just by chance. That is their right to believe as they like, but I know better. Twice I have had the wonderful opportunity of seeing God face to face and talked with Him in two dreams. And the conversations we had in those dreams happened exactly as He told me they would.

We not only have the testimony of many witnesses in the Bible concerning God, but there are also many other witnesses in this contemporary world who can bear similar testimony of God, and I am one of them. Someone might try to claim that my testimony is based on just my opinion, but that is simply not true. My belief is based on the reality of my life, on what I saw and experienced. I know that God lives and that He answers prayers, often in miraculous way. I may not be able to convince anyone of that, but God has certainly convinced me. All I can do is share that testimony of mine with others.

We arrived in Los Angeles at the end of September 1995, we stay few days, the life was too expensive for the income of only my wife. I had a good friend in Mesa, He told me: come over here, the life is cheaper and I have found Job for you and her. We moved in Mesa. I begun to work in the night, doing inventory and on day working doing furniture.

My wife was working in an Italian Pizzeria,as cook. Few months and I found a very good Job in a Ford dealershipmobili.jpg (53833 bytes)In 1 year I became warehouse manager. Unfortunately my wife was in the hospital 1 day (4.000 dollars) she wasn't covered, and the restaurant was sold to an Italian family. They didn't need my wife. She found another job in a company for air bags, but she was working at night and I didn't like that, so I decided to quit on my job to stay with her in the same company, fortunately after a while we could change our schedule time on days.. I was sad to quit my job in a dealership, but I am more happy to stay with my partner of the lifeberge.jpg (44559 bytes)

sdi.jpg (72553 bytes)

From 1999 I begun a little businnes  with my wife we are franchise for Jany king. We clean offices, banks and stuff like that and so far we are doing good. until today 7/23/2001

we have 3 grandchildren now Gabriele Peck, Italia Zarahemla Vallecillos and Italia Giulia Peck. My first born Daniele will get marry the next 9/7/01 in Italy and I will be there for the wedding. I am just awaiting for my first grandchild who will have my last name.

Famiglia.jpg (198493 bytes)

family.jpg (125624 bytes)
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Massimo the Sheriff, Teresa close to him, his daughter Leila on the right side down and Elisa his nephew on the left side down

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